1721 trespassing of cars, motorcycles, electric and air vehicles seized in Dubai

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Dubai (Etihad)

The traffic campaign conducted over the past year by the Al Muraqqabat Police Station in the jurisdiction, in conjunction and coordination with the General Traffic Department and the Vehicle Tracking Department of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigations, has resulted in the seizure of 1,721 cars, motorcycles , electric and air vehicles violating traffic laws, leading to a decrease in road accidents and zero deaths as a result of the procedures applied in the jurisdiction.
Major General Ali Ghanem, director of the Al Muraqqabat Police Station, said: The campaign launched by the center over the past year aims to monitor road safety, reduce the number of deaths, protect property and safety of road users and prevent traffic violations. , in particular those related to the installation of excesses and additions to the vehicle’s engine, which are a source of noise, perform Showmanship, drive recklessly, do not have a driver’s license and erase the registration number of a car, noting that the most prominent bicycle offenses are cycling in places and roads that are not intended for them, and the drivers’ failure to comply with special safety requirements such as wearing a helmet and phosphor jacket, and other requirements that guarantee the safety of the users, and the necessary legal measures have been taken against offenders.
Major General Ali Ghanem called on car and motorcyclists, especially young drivers, to limit the negative behavior of some with noise and disturbance from their vehicles by making adjustments to them to amplify their sound, and to operate the recording device with loud noises to attract attention and show off, in violation of the traffic law. .
He pointed out that the General Command of the Police of Dubai has conducted several traffic campaigns for members of society, to raise awareness of the dangers of supplies, especially for the youth, and emphasized that road safety is a duty and responsibility shared by everyone. is shared without exception, and therefore it is necessary to combine the efforts of all segments of society and the need to adhere to positive behavior and behave.Responsible, through their commitment to traffic law


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