3 free agent destinations to help him finally win a ring

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Chris Paul is a free agent this summer and there are a handful of landing spots where he can try to chase that elusive ring.

One of the biggest questions of the off-season is a continuation of a question we’ve been asking ourselves for years: Will Chris Paul end up on a title-fighting team?

This question arose from: will the Clippers add what they need? to will Chris Paul join a super team? to be now where can Chris Paul sign to graciously win that elusive championship ring??

Winning in the west is incredibly difficult, and the Suns are just one of many newcomers trying to get a seat at the conference elite table. The Jazz, Nuggets, and maybe the Grizzlies are all vying for that spot, which won’t make a return to the NBA Finals any easier. Add to that a healthy Lakers team and a sleeping giant in the Warriors who wakes up again with the return of Klay Thompson and suddenly the pressure starts to build for Paul to sing to finally win a title.

Paul is an unrestricted free agent this summer, but the list of teams that have put him in that position to win is narrow. He is essentially buying a lottery ticket, and while there are countless options for him on the market, only one team will cash in on the jackpot.

3. New York Knicks

Knicks and title contender don’t mix very well, but it’s not the oil and water situation we’ve witnessed for most of the past two decades.

New York stormed back into the playoffs last year, a resurgence led by Tom Thibodeau’s redemption tour and the career revival of Julius Randle. The Knicks have to put in a lot of work to get the roster into championship shape, as a first-round exit to the Atlanta Hawks is something only Knicks fans can justify as progress.

When the Suns signed Paul last summer, he immediately added the experienced leadership the roster needed. Monty Williams came in a close second to Thibs in the Coach of the Year race, and the idea would be that Paul could do in New York what he did in Phoenix.

There’s also the story to consider, which is usually the case with basketball.

Paul finally winning a ring would add an exclamation mark to his Hall of Fame career, but doubling that ring as the first Knicks championship since 1973 would underline the lore surrounding his first ring, bold, italics, and bright neon colors. emphasizes.

Phoenix was in much better shape than the Knicks, and there are other variables to consider that make this a bit of a choppy water choice. But the euphoria that a Knicks-CP3 title collaboration would bring may be worth the gamble.

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