3 Off-Season Actions to Avenge NBA Finals Loss

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A quick look at the targets of the Phoenix Suns free players will help shine a light on their best path back to the NBA Finals.

Don’t believe for a second that the Phoenix Suns season was a failure because they didn’t win the NBA Finals.

As our NBA guru and resident Suns fan Gerald Bourguet wrote after Game 6:

‚ÄúTeams simply won’t reach the final if four of their top seven rotational players have never appeared in a playoff match before.

The Phoenix Suns did.”

Less than a year ago, the Suns piqued our curiosity by going 8-0 into the bubble, and in just 11 months they had a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals.

The Lakers and LeBron James were tossed into a ball and thrown in the trash, the Nuggets had no chance and the Clippers were knocked down in two games without Chris Paul playing. That’s how it was this year against the Suns in the NBA Playoffs, which is why it seemed as if the stars were aligned when they reached the finals.

However, there has been nothing happy with the Suns this season. As Santa once said, it’s a kind of cosmic gumbo and the ingredients for getting back to the NBA Finals are out there for everyone to see.

Phoenix Suns Free Agent Goals: 3 Moves to Avenge NBA Finals Loss

3. Extend Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges

Much has been said about Devin Booker losing the “blank stats” label this season, but something similar happened to Deandre Ayton.

Flipping a switch is the best way to describe the story of Ayton’s change as he went from scratching to a man who played a key role in getting the Suns through the Western Conference Finals.

Mikal Bridges also came into his own on the Suns post-season run, but both he and Ayton contributed to Phoenix’s success throughout the season. The spotlight from the playoffs only heightened the importance, showing a basketball crowd largely ignored by the Suns that a dynamic duo was being forged in the desert.

The Suns have a superstar guardian in Devin Booker and a veteran leader in Chris Paul, but Ayton and Bridges are key parts of the Suns core moving forward. As we return to not just one but many NBA finals, the core core course is the goal, the front office must

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