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The Sharjah Charity Society has finished distributing sacrificial meat to the beneficiaries at its headquarters and all other sub-departments in the central and eastern regions. The number of beneficiaries reached 33,000, as the donors entrusted the association to make 3,300 sacrifices in the country.

The Executive Director of the Society, Abdullah Sultan bin Khadem, expressed his great happiness at the success of the campaign in achieving the goals previously set with 3,300 sacrifices, which are indicators that reflect the trust the Society enjoys in its donors, so they took the initiative to delegate it to them to buy, slaughter and distribute their offerings.

He stressed that the area of ​​eligibility has expanded, given the resulting poor living conditions for many families included in the eligibility categories, and that there is no time for the Al-Adha season to support them. offer those joy and happiness to their souls, noting that the distribution allocations were also those inscribed in the headquarters: Al Madam, Al Bataeh, Al Dhaid, Kalba, Khor Fakkan and Dibba Al Hisn.

And he indicated that the early coordination and arrangement by the Supreme Committee of the campaign contributed to its success, as all the subcommittees worked side by side, and the Examination Board examined all the sacrificial flocks to ensure their safety from defects that prevent their slaughter, after which the slaughter committee supervised the slaughter process. Cutting in the central slaughterhouses and transporting meat from the slaughterhouse by means of vehicles equipped with meat preserving means, while the distribution teams delivered the meat to the beneficiaries in collaboration with the Aid Department, which drew up lists of the number of families and the allocations of each family individually, according to its number of members.

He pointed out that a precise mechanism is followed that guarantees access to the eligible segments by sending messages to the cases at the time and location of the distribution, with the cases handing over receipts with the correct amount of allocations according to the number of their members, to ensure a smooth and easy distribution process, especially in light of the high number. Their vehicles without having to get off them, which reflects the association’s commitment to preserve the dignity of the deserving, and thanks the benefactors for their cooperation and donation, and the association’s mandate to offer their sacrifices to those who deserve it. Walk during the distribution.


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