A bomb blast near a Texas home has injured at least six people

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Plano, Texas – The A house in a Dallas suburb exploded And the next two doors were badly damaged, six people were injured, should not have been an accident, officials said Wednesday.

Earlier, fire officials said a gas leak at the destroyed Plano Home on Monday was likely to cause an explosion.

“Further investigation revealed that the blast may have been intentional,” Plano police and Plano Fire-Rescue said in a statement.

It turned out to be a separate incident that showed no signs of any threat to the community and an investigation is ongoing, Science said.

One person from the one-storey house that exploded and five people, including three children from the damaged houses on the other side, were taken to hospital for treatment, fire officials said. The occupant of the second damaged house was not injured.

The three adults were taken to Medical City Plano, where they were hospitalized Wednesday. The condition of one is critical and both are in good health, the hospital said.

A friend of the injured neighbor’s family said the three children had been released from the hospital and were living with the family.

“Since chatting with both parents, there has been no flash, there have been two explosions, and so the first one caught their attention, and then the second son went out while the husband was in front of the window and half of their house collapsed. On them, ” My Ready told NBC DFW.

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