A bunch of Deadspinners wisely sit around Kraken

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Who wants to talk to Tarasenko?

Who wants to talk to Tarasenko?
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Chris Baud, Jon Hoefling and Jesse Spector got together to discuss the Seattle Kraken expansion concept, in which the team surprised many by not opting for big names like Carey Price, Gabriel Landesog, Vladimir Tarasenko or Jakub Voracek. What about that?

Chris Baud: Hey, we’re here to talk about Kraken. Go Kraken.

Jon got up early in the morning to make a mock version, and the league made fun of it by leaking half the names just as we were about to post it, so here we are. Let’s do this instead.

Jon Hoefling: Yes, I was foolish to think that GMs could keep secrets, but I never expected so many selections to be made public.

Shout out to Steve Yzerman. The man’s lips are sealed super tight.

Jesse Spector: I“I’m a little surprised because it’s a TV version, but the NHL is so good at sabotaging itself.

Baud: I lived in Vegas during the first season of the VGK and it was magical. I’m pretty excited to see what Seattle can do as there are a lot of good players out there, but… the guys leaked so far… er… .um,


Hoefling: I think the defense looks good.

Spectator: I think their game works with the cap space to build not just for the first year, but beyond.

If you want to battle right away, take Carey Price and put a better lineup in front of him than Montreal had, which was an available option here.

Baud: It looks like they are planning to get the number 1 pick.

Hoefling: Something Ron Francis loved to do in Carolina was build for the long haul, and while I think he now has a great opportunity to be competitive with Seattle, he chooses to play it a little safer, which no one can really blame him for. take for.

However, would it be a smart move to make the number one pick this year?

Baud: Certainly?

Hoefling: I mean, it’s been a tough year to understand the outlook because of the pandemic, and number two is still a great option. I feel like there isn’t an absolute must-take at number one this year. If so, I’d love to see Seattle go for that choice.

Baud: I have no idea who the presumed top pick would be because last season of amateur hockey was a disaster

Spector : As an overall plan, I like the idea of ​​building a reliable veteran D-corps, running into some goaltending, and using that cap space to bring out the elite that isn’t available in an expansion concept – no shortage respect for Jordan Eberle, but he’s not what he used to be.

Baud: As our colleague Sam Fels points outFrancis made Carolina a factory for defenders (to steal a sentence from Howie Roseman)

Hoefling: Seattle had the opportunity to get some elite strikers, but they opted for cheaper, more versatile guys at the top.

As if they could have had Landeskog from Colorado, but chose Donskoi.

Baud: Yes, let’s talk about the Flyers.

Spectator: Landeskog will still be a free agent, right?

Baud: The Flyers’ longtime coach, Dave Hakstol, is the Kraken coach. He was… not good but you would think his familiarity with guys who had big years ahead of him like Voracek, Gostisbehere and James van Riemsdyk would lead them to take one of them but nooooo they took Carsen Twarynski , a third liner operated by AHL.

Spectator: Yes, that was a strange appointment, but maybe he learned from the experience.

Hoefling: If you had asked me this morning, I would have said with 100% certainty that Voracek or Van Reimsdyk were on their way to Seattle

Jesse Spector: Maybe an afterthought.

Jon Hoefling: Maybe, but why, if you could have gotten them right away? The Twarynski choice just seemed odd everywhere.

Baud: Flyers Twitter was expecting (JVR or Voracek to be selected)… I like those guys more than most, but there was hope for a huge deal of cap space, like a Dougie Hamilton or Jack Eichel

Mark Giordano, stylish man, great player, but he is 500 years old

Hoefling: Not what he used to be, that’s for sure

He’s pretty much a shoe-in to the ‘C’, right?

Baud: [Looks it up] huhe is 37.

Spectator: The C stands for Cooked.

Hoefling: As Flames often do.

Baud: huha!

Letting the Isles of Eberle go seems like a mistake.

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Spectator: They have not rejected anyone.

Hoefling: Eberle is coming too. I think the Kraken will rely on him to be a 30+ point goalscorer, but that potential just isn’t there anymore

watchingr: Yes, I think it’s weird protecting Clutterbuck and Martin, but Lou is doing fine on the island.

Baud: Who needs goals?

Jesse Spector: Given the division they are in, are playoffs a reasonable expectation for Seattle?

Chris Baud: We’ll see who else they take, but um, I’m not impressed at all with their attackers.

Hoefling: I fully expect this team to make the playoffs based strictly on how bad the Pacific is.

Spectator: Yes, and I think they have more build up than they will with trades.

Baud :Jon you didn’tDon’t spend the worst years of your life watching Hakstol.

Spectator: I’m really curious about the side deals on the expansion concept slots that seem weird.

Hoefling: No. I spent them watching the sharks choke every year. Perhaps a worse fate if you ask me.

Baud: youuh… I watched the Knights do the worst choke job of all time in Vegas… I was in a casino poker, and told everyone“It’ll be fine, they’re not going to screw this up.” To your sharks.

Hoefling: Continuing on Jesse’s point, I’m curious about that too. When I spoke to EJ Hradek earlier this week, he said the Lightning would have an interesting decision about protecting Cernak or McDonaugh, but they managed to protect every important part of their cup-winning roster.

Baud: Who did they protect? I forgot?

Hoefling: Everyone important, haha. Except Pat Maroon

Spectator: And Yanni Gourde, huh?

Baud: AAren’t the NHL rules set up so they can do whatever they want? I’m kidding!

Hoefling: Ah, Yes. And he.

Chris Baud I’m kidding.

Hoefling: I would have liked Athanasiou to go to Seattle, but Francis just had to keep improving his defense.

Baud: AA is very exciting, but most stats seem to indicate he’s not great. Still I would love him.

Hoefling: MacDermid though, really? I haven’t seen the advanced stuff from him, but he doesn’t seem like the man who will have a big impact on a team with such a deep defensive talent.

Was Colin Blackwell the most obvious choice of design?

Baud: mahow so?

Spectator: Maybe Vince Dunn? Tarasenko is a big name, but how could you take him?

Hoefling: Because it would send Twitter into a frenzy, that’s how, haha!

Baud: I love Tarasenko,

Hoefling: Same thing, but I’m getting the hesitation to pull the trigger. I’m a little shocked that the Kraken also chose Adam Larsson instead of Tyson Barrie. Was that a problem with the cap?

Spectator: I don’t think he’ll ever play for the Blues again, but an expansion team isn’t the place to come back.

Baud: Hakstol was an assistant in Toronto when Barrie was there, and he didn’t have a great season.

Hoefling: Oh. Well, fair enough.

Baud :

That’s a lot of excitement about Tyler Pitlick.

Spectator: The Flames are a good team to trade with, they are stupidly run.

Hoefling: I was just looking for him. I was pretty sure Michael Bunting would be the roster from Arizona.

Spectator: Like, the Panthers aren’t the dummy team this time around, but there’s always a sign at the table.

Hoefling: What could the Flames offer him?

Baud: I actually like Pitlick. Of all the fourth-line racers the Flyers have had, he wasn’t the worst of them.

Spectator: They’re constantly chasing Johnny Hockey (Gaudreau) out of town there, but… choices.

Hoefling: I suspect. Vegas had three first-round picks in the first year, so picks are probably a pretty good way to go down.

Baud: Gaudreu is another person that Flyers fans are always interested in

Vegas traded Erik Brannstrom in the Mark Stone deal and Cody Glass in the Flyers-Predators deal this week.

Spectator: yep. This is a big step in building the team. But it’s only one step.

Baud: Well, Stone is clearly a huge piece, so i would say the design came out.

Spectator: That deal is also only made because they were good, but choices become prospects.

Baud: I wasn’t impressed with Brannstrom at all when I saw him in preseason in (2018), but he’s turned out to be quite good.

Hoefling: Yes, even on Ottawa, he beamed.


This thread will be updated when trades are announced today.


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