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Today, Lebanon’s Syndicate of Hospitals warned of a “health disaster” due to ongoing power cuts and the unavailability of diesel to run generators, as the country is witnessing another outbreak of the novel Corona virus. (COVID-19) .

Lebanon, mired in a protracted economic crisis, which last month ranked among the world’s three worst crises since 1850, according to the World Bank, is witnessing a shortage of fuel needed to run power generating plants and of diesel fuel used to power private generators, with the depletion of dollar reserves at the Banque du Liban and the slowdown in Open credits for imports.

And the Syndicate of Private Hospital Owners announced in a statement today that “the industry is facing a major problem as hospitals cannot get diesel to run the generators given the power cuts for at least 20 hours a day. “

The union warned that “a number of hospitals are in danger of running out of this substance within hours, which will endanger patients’ lives,” and is calling on officials to “work immediately to resolve this problem to prevent an unavoidable health disaster.” to prevent.”

For at least three decades, Lebanon has faced an aggravating problem in the power sector with dilapidated plants, forcing the majority of citizens to pay two bills, one for the state and the other for owners of private generators compensating for the lack of state energy. necessities..

Lebanon has recorded 552,328 cases of coronavirus, resulting in 7,888 deaths, since the pandemic began last year.

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