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The Palm Garden and Al Hamriya Beach in Sharjah witnessed a large turnout of visitors during the Eid Al-Adha holiday, celebrating the Eid atmosphere.

Where families and different groups of society spent pleasant times on the beach and the garden, which was decorated with greenery, in full accordance with the preventive and precautionary measures announced by the competent authorities to prevent the Corona virus, such as visitors to the Palm Garden confirmed that it is the first choice for families to spend the most beautiful time and enjoy the atmosphere it offers.

Palm trees extend over large areas of it, providing a suitable place for families to sit in their shade, indicating that the municipalities of Sharjah and Hamriyah have installed directional panels in several places describing the procedures to be followed when visiting the garden, in particular: wearing a mask all the time in the garden, devotion and keeping physical distance, leaving a distance of at least two meters between each person and another.


The municipalities of Sharjah and Hamriyah have built parks and beaches in different regions of the emirate to receive visitors to spend nice moments with their children, as they like to create a beautiful atmosphere and offer families the opportunity to enjoy the many services offered by the parks.


Hamriyah Municipality Director Mubarak Rashid Al Shamsi confirmed that all Hamriyah Municipality executives have made efforts to implement the Municipality’s strategic objectives and performance indicators by providing an atmosphere of comfort and enjoyment to visitors to the area and to spend quality time at Hamriyah Beach around the clock where the beach witnessed a large turnout of visitors.

He indicated that the Hamriyah Municipality was keen to mobilize all its efforts to serve visitors, and to emphasize the Hamriyah interface as a recreational area, environment and tourist attraction for all, in accordance with the highest applicable international standards, and to restore its facilities to serve people determinedly, while ensuring the safety of guests and visitors to the Hamriyah region by strengthening public safety procedures. To protect lives from drowning by providing a comprehensive marine rescue system.

And prepare the beach with marine observation platforms and specialized lifeguards, equipped with the latest public safety, sea rescue, first aid and life jackets, in addition to a trained crew equipped with the latest rescue gear and equipment, to ensure the safety of visitors to Hamriyah Beach and Beach Park Preserve.


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