“A strange galaxy with 3 arms” .. NASA reveals the first images of Hubble after resuming its full operations!

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“A strange galaxy with 3 arms” .. NASA reveals the first images of Hubble after resuming its full operations!

After resuming full operations, NASA has released the first images captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, a group of galaxies including a rare spiral galaxy with three arms.

The first object, known as ARP-MADORE2115-273, is two entangled galaxies 297 million light-years from Earth.

NASA described the image as follows: “Astronomers previously thought this was a ‘collision ring’ system due to the merging of two galaxies.”

The new Hubble observations show that the ongoing interaction between galaxies is much more complex, leaving behind a rich web of stars and dusty gas.

The second image, ARP-MADORE0002-503, shows a spiral galaxy 490 million light-years from Earth.

Unlike most spiral galaxies, which have even arms, ARP-MADORE0002-503 has three arms with a radius of 163,000 light-years, three times the width of the Milky Way.

NASA said other primary targets for the Hubble telescope were globular clusters and auroras on Jupiter.

The US space agency released the images Monday, much to the delight of star fans, including NASA administrator Bill Nelson.

“I’m excited to see Hubble rethink the universe and re-capture the kind of imagery that has intrigued and inspired us for decades,” Nelson said in a statement. “This is a time to celebrate the success of a team truly committed. Through their efforts, Hubble will continue its 32nd year of discovery and we will continue to learn from the observatory’s transformative vision.

Science operations at Hubble resumed on July 17, after a month in which it was halted due to a technical malfunction.

Last week, NASA successfully performed a “risky” maneuver to turn Hubble into its backup computer.

The switchover, which began on July 15, involved bringing the Standby Power Control Unit (PCU) and the Standby Command Unit/Scientific Data Coordinator (CU/SDF) online on the other side of the Scientific Instrument and Command and Data Processing Unit. (SI C&DH).

NASA added that other hardware on Hubble was also switched to alternative interfaces to connect to the SI C&DH backup.

NASA previously said that safely switching to a backup unit was a “high-risk process.”

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