A year after his deportation, Shehab “Instagram Salt” announces that he will return to Kuwait

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date of publication:
July 22, 2021 0:48 GMT

Update date: July 22, 2021 2:00 GMT

The Iranian young man, Shehab Mortada Ghafouri, the star of social networking sites known as “Instagram Salt”, announced that he will return to Kuwait a year after his deportation, against the background of a lawsuit in which he had published “immoral” clips .

And Shehab published a video clip for his account in the “Snapchat” application, in which he said: “God be praised, I arranged my business to travel to a Gulf country, then I announced to you, because I am buying a villa and change my stay there.”

As to whether the intended Gulf state was Kuwait, he said in response to his followers’ questions: “Of course I have assessed Kuwait in a legal way, but I am forbidden to tell you the time or date.”

He continued: “Those who talk about my return is impossible, I want to tell them that my file is clean and I have no business.”

While living in the state of Kuwait, Shehab faced a deportation order for alleging that he had published immoral clips.

The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry confirmed a year ago through its communications on communications sites that it had arrested a resident who had published several clips violating public morals.

Although the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry did not disclose the identity of the resident involved in the deportation in its statement at the time, local accounts and activists indicated that he is Shehab “the salt of Instagram”.

In his first appearance after his deportation, Shehab went out to talk about being involved in the abusive videos, saying that “his girlfriends were famous girls when they appeared with him for the purpose of interest.”

He added: “I help them in the Salfa and give them ads that look like this on the social media, all of which are interesting…and I’m not saying I’m the sheriff of Rome.”

Shehab is from Iran and has the nationality, and his name is Shehab Mortada Ghafouri. Born on August 10, 2000 in the state of Kuwait, he gained great fame through social networking sites, due to his comedic impersonation of celebrities, in addition to his singing talent.

At least one million and 600,000 followers followed Shehab through his Instagram account, while the account’s annual feature was canceled and transferred to the private account after it was seized by security authorities.

Shehab had previously entered into a number of cases, including his dispute with the star of Kuwaiti networking sites, Talal Al-Behairi, because he had previously been subpoenaed by the prosecution on charges of “endangering the divine.”


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