Alabama City Leader Tommy Bryant will not apologize after using the N-word at a council meeting

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Tarant, Ala. – A White City leader has captured a video using racial slurs about black people at a council meeting and may run for mayor, saying he will not apologize. There are others Calling for His resignation.

Taranto City Council Member Tommy Bryant used the term Monday night, the city’s black mayor, Weyman Newton, said in an earlier private meeting.

During a public session, Bryant used Slur to refer to Veronica Freeman, a member of the Black Women’s Council. Prior to the outbreak, neighbors asked Bryant about his wife’s alleged social media posts about racism, CBS affiliated WIAT-TV reports.

Upon questioning, Bryant stood up and could be heard saying: “N-word. N-word. Let’s go to n-word. Hey. Do we have a house here *****?” Will she please stand up? ā€¯Bryant said.

The use of slur, which aired on Facebook Live, caused some in the audience to panic and Freeman to cry, but Bryant said nothing.

Bryant told WIAT-TV, “I did what I should have done. We need to bring to light what kind of mayor he is.”

The mayor said the video spoke for itself and in an interview with, Refused to use the same mess Bryant spoke at the meeting.

Asked if he was racist, Bryant persecuted him.

“It’s based on what your definition of the word racism is. No matter how much the public defines it, I might be racist. But it’s definitely not based on what the true definition of racism is,” he told WVTM.

The Alabama called the NAACP Bryant’s resignation, “They have tarnished their own image and tarnished the position we hold.”

In Alabama, where city elections have been blamed, the State Democratic Party issued a statement seeking Bryant’s resignation, and the Alabama GOP cited Mayor Newton as a Republican, saying Bryant’s criticism was “completely unacceptable.”

Wyatt-TV contacted Newton, but he denied an interview and said the video of Monday’s meeting “spoke for itself.”

The population of Trent, adjacent to Birmingham, is approximately 100, and about 53% is black, according to census figures.

Wynet Bonham, who is black and also known as a member of the LGBTQ + community, called for Wyatt Bryant to resign.

Bonham said, “He was a man who served our community. He’s supposed to be our representative, but he has his own district in the stars?” Bonham said.


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