Arora police say an officer of the Dasham video show was attacked and strangled during a traffic stop.

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Police in Aurora, Ill., Dashacam released a video on Wednesday stating that he has been shown to be an officer Attack and Strangled Stopping traffic last month.

Aurora Police During the June 21 attack, the officer repeatedly struck the passenger on the head and body, and the officer lost his “ability to breathe” before strangling a female passenger.

The three suspects are Jennifer Taylor (age 24) in Chicago after an investigation into the incident; Sheba Taylor, 26, of Aurora; And Paul Sherrod, 28, of Aurora, was indicted by a grand jury last week and charged with attempted first-degree murder, excessive battery and aggravated assault.

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“Because of the research we’ve known about someone losing their lives because of a sore throat and someone holding their breath, we believe the right charge was a first-degree homicide attempt,” said Jamie Moser, Ken County State’s Terney. Fox 32 Chicago.

Warning: Graphic language

The attack took place when an officer tried to stop the vehicle, police said. The moment the officer got to the car is shown in the dasham video.

After shouting back and forth, the officer was seen instructing a female passenger to stay in the vehicle. When she failed to do so, the officer informed her that she had been arrested for obstructing her.

The video shows the male driver getting out of the vehicle before the woman was taken into custody and the officer threatened to fight her as she approached the fight. “Brother, I’m going to kill you,” I heard the driver say.

According to the video, the officer told the male driver that he too had been arrested for obstruction. The driver then fled, police said.

Police said the two female passengers ran after the officer and they hit him and kicked him in the body and head. This time, the officer said he heard the man’s voice and was “repeatedly hit in the head from several angles,” police said.

He was then attacked by a female passenger on his right back, who grabbed her by the neck and strangled her, leaving her almost unconscious. Soon, the video shows other officers coming to the scene. The suspects were taken into custody.

Chicago Murder Systems always reports Rome Streets on electronic monitoring at alarming rates.

According to Fox32, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said, “A little bit of corruption that must have changed the way officers fought for most of their lives.”

The Dashacam video showed two female suspects being pinned to the ground by an officer
(Aurora Police)

The dashcam video released by police did not allege an officer was beaten. It showed two female suspects being pinned to the ground by an officer. According to the video, one of the suspects was seen sitting on the officer’s head, while another said an officer applied significant force to the officer’s window pipe, police said.

According to Fox 32, all three suspects are out on bond. His trial is set to begin on September 24.

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The officer was treated at a hospital after the attack, the report said. His name was not released by Aurora police.

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