As the incidence of Florida increases, Desantis persists on Covid

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He argued Wednesday that the recent spike is part of a seasonal fluctuation in the virus, as well as urging Floridians to vaccinate. Whether or not you’ve been vaccinated, he showed that your chances of getting seriously ill or dying are “effectively zero”. And her spokeswoman Christina Pusha noted that Desantis has been arguing for months that “there is likely to be an increase in cases this summer in Florida and other southern states, because this state had an increase in the summer season.”

“It’s a seasonal virus, and the Sun Belt states have a seasonal pattern as follows,” DeSantis said before expressing confidence that the cases would come down in August.

This is the latest chapter in Florida’s governor’s fight against the virus, which has been fueled by concerns over a more contagious delta type in the country’s health authorities. Harold and protests are also held as the rates in the state are constantly changing. . All over the country (pandemic) everywhere (pandemic) all over the country (pandemic) all over the country (pandemic) all over the country (pandemic) all over the country (epidemic) The worst side effects are avoided. But in the summer of 2020 and again, the governor argues that under his leadership, the state has successfully guided through the superpowers.

Florida, like many other states across the country, has seen an increase in Covid-1 cases in recent weeks. The daily average in Florida, according to Johns Hopkins University CNN analysis. There are 22 incidents, which have almost doubled in a week and quadrupled in a month. By this measure, Florida tops the list in California, with an average daily average of 4,806 cases, while Texas currently has a daily average of 4,802.

Between July 15 and July 21, 45,449 new cases of coronavirus were found in Florida.

Desantis has encouraged vaccines to control their contagious diseases – “If you were vaccinated, the number of hospital admissions would be almost zero. That’s amazing, surprisingly low, ”he said this week – but he has another state lockdown completely denied, the vaccine passport program unraveled, and state jurisdictions starting to tell vaccinated people to use state masks.

“I would be a little disappointed when some of these judges say, even if you are healthy and vaccinated, you should wear a mask because we are seeing an increase in cases,” de Santis told a news conference in St. Petersburg on Wednesday. “Understand what this message is sending to people who haven’t been vaccinated. Telling them that vaccines don’t work.”

While Desantis is pushing for vaccines and criticizing his cowardly response, his political website, the American National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is headed by its top adviser, Dr. Joe. Anthony Foki is capturing anti-scientific sentiments with the intention of becoming an expert. Biden. Foucault, along with former President Donald Trump, has drawn the ire of Republicans across the country.

“Don Fockie My Florida,” reads the governor’s campaign website t-shirt and cozy for sale. Another set of cozies has a quote from Desantis: “How am I going to be wearing a mask and drinking beer?”

Helen Aguere Ferre, executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, said the items were not sold, rather than “giving a chance to his supporters to have a little fun and be more connected to his message of keeping Florida free.” And Foucault stood by the criticism. She also claimed that the website was not Desantis’ official campaign website because Desantis had not yet filed their selection documents.

With the governor’s response, Democrats putting pressure on fresh waves with products sold through his campaign, Densentis has shown failed leadership on the issue, arguing.

“We have a governor who hasn’t taken Covid seriously from the beginning. You know, he’s acting like a joke right now. He’s been sold a campaign on his website saying ‘Don Fokie My Florida,'” Florida Republican Debbie Wasserman Schultz told CNN this week. That, nearly 40,000 Florida people have died because of covid. “And look, I’d rather see us in our ‘Fossy Our Florida’ than desantis.”

Brad Woodhouse, head of an outside group called Protect Our Care, said Decentis was “rejecting general measures to reduce the spread of the virus” and that he should “focus on supporting repressed hospitals in his state.”

Desantis’s response to the governor’s case has shown that the governor is trying to escalate cases across the state. In Arkansas, where cases are on the rise and only 36% of people have been fully vaccinated, the government has called on Asa Hutchinson to meet with people directly and vaccinate them. And some governors, such as West Virginia’s Jim Justice, have held weekly lotteries for vaccinators. Covid rates are low in the state, but only% of West Virginians are fully vaccinated.

“If you haven’t been vaccinated,” Justice During the recent Kovid briefing, “You’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.”
This was reported by CNN on Tuesday Staff at a large hospital in Jacksonville believe they have already seen the worst case of coronavirus (or epidemic) across the country (or across the continent), but the incidence of covidar at the hospital has doubled since last week, and officials fear it could Are away and really significant. ” Employee problems. ”

“If things don’t go down or vaccinations don’t increase, within a month we could have a whole hospital full of covid,” said Chad Nielsen, the hospital’s director of infection prevention. Nielsen added that 90% of Kovid patients at the hospital are not vaccinated.

That is what Republican Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry said Wednesday. “The best way to keep the waves going is to increase the number of vaccines,” he said.

“The math is clear, vaccines work,” Curry said. “Restrictions on our economy and individual freedoms are not the answer.”

Cases of coronavirus are much lower than they were months ago. But health experts are concerned about the spread of the Delta variant, with White House officials warning that those who have not been vaccinated are at serious risk of the variant. According to Johns Hopkins University, there are 56 new Covid-1 cases every day in the United States. This is a 55% increase over the past week.

In the last few weeks, Rochelle Valensky, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said: “It’s becoming an epidemic for non-physicians all over the country. “We are seeing an outbreak in parts of the country where vaccination coverage is low, because uneducated people are at risk.”

Dealing with all of this, including Florida’s latest wave, is Desantis ’political aspiration.

The governor, who briefly won his first term in 2018, will be elected in 2022, Democrat Florida Rip. The challenges were expected from Charlie Christ and Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried. Republican Governor of Coronavirus

“This is the result of Govirodendentis sleeping near the wheel from the vaccination site,” Krist tweeted, linking to a story about hospitals being paid for by Kovid’s hospital. “This inaction has endangered our people and our economy. Governors, do a good job, there is a passion for life.”

And Freud said, “Govrondesantis, no one wins because we were wrong. What matters now is how we stand up and work together to protect each other.”

Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for the Republican Governors Association, dismissed criticism of Christ and Fried, saying “Democrats and the press have tried many times to make this issue useless.”

“It’s a tragic attempt at relevance,” Hunt said, from two candidates who didn’t become imaginative in the race. “


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