Beacon is far from promising vaccines

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WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden on Wednesday vowed that those who get the Covid-1 vaccine are fully protected from coronavirus infections, illness and death. In fact it is not cut and dried.

These vaccines are extremely effective but There was a “breakthrough” transition And cases of delta variant driving among non-drivers in the US are not fully understood.

Biden inflated the impact on policies on American jobs created during his first half-year tenure and misleadingly claimed that his administration had done more work than any other president. He neglects to mention that there is an increase in population compared to him.

Sarcasm On his criticism At CNN Town Hall:


Biden: “If you were vaccinated, you wouldn’t be hospitalized, you wouldn’t go to the IC unit, and you wouldn’t die.” – Town Hall

Fact: His vaccine accurately captures the strong protection provided by the Covid-1 ines vaccine against spikes in people who resist shots. But it sees rare exceptions.

As of July 12, the government had increased the number of 5,492 vaccines tested positive for coronavirus and hospitalized or killed. It is one of more than 1 million vaccines in the United States. The Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Valensky said, “Of all the deaths in Kovid-1 from .599. %% have not died.”


Biden: “If you get this vaccine, you won’t get covid.” – Town Hall

Fact: Again, he painted with a very wide brush and expressed the intolerance very clearly among those who took his shots and those who did not. The disparity is real, but a small number of successful infections occur and health officials say they are not a cause for alarm.

No vaccines are perfect, and the government is monitoring to see if new coronavirus mutations begin on Covid-1sh shots. But so far, federal health officials say breakthrough infections are still mild – vaccines so far provide strong protection against serious illness.


Biden, who was asked about the vaccination of the infected: “It’s possible, I don’t know where they are in the ICU, and even if they die, I can say, I’m here. I’m sorry, they did it, it’s a very small percentage and it’s not fatal.” ”- Comment to reporters after the event.

Fact: Again, too far. The CDC’s findings show that 5,492 vaccines tested positive for coronavirus were hospitalized or died on July 12. It’s “nothing”. But it is true that this is the percentage of more than 1 million vaccinated Americans.



Biden: “We’ve created more jobs in the first six months of our administration than at any time in American history. No president, no administration has created so many jobs. ”- Town Hall

Fact: His claim is misleading.

Biden’s presidency in the first half of his presidency has seen more jobs than any other president – more than 3 million in just five months, according to job reports – making the U.S. population larger than ever.

Employee growth, led by President Jimmy Carter, grew faster than in the five months from February to June 1977: 2.2% for Carter and 2.1% for Biden.

Since the late 1970’s, the population of the United States has grown by more than 100 million.

Although it is true that the economy is growing rapidly – in the first three months of the year it is .4. The annual% has increased at an annual rate – and this year is expected to grow at a faster pace since 1984.

Biden’s 1.9 tr trillion rescue packages contributed to the rapid growth, but most of the expansion also reflected a broad bounce back from the extraordinarily sharp (epidemic) recession across the country (or continent), the deepest dilemma since the 1930s. Even before Biden’s package, the International Monetary Fund was forecasting US growth of more than 5% for this year.

Biden also points out that the U.S. economy is 6.8 million jobs lower than its predecessor level and the unemployment rate is 5 percent lower than the decade-long low of 5 percent.


The report was co-authored by Lauren Neergaard and Christopher Rugaber, associate press writers in Washington, and David Clapper in Providence, Rhode Island.


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