Best websites for betting on the 2021 Olympics

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It’s the biggest sporting event of the year with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics finally coming to life in Japan, albeit without the crowd cheering on their favorite athletes and countries. With all the action taking place during the Summer Olympics, there’s every chance that people will want to place a bet or two on the games, which is why today we’re taking you through the best websites for Betting on the 2021 Olympics.

Best websites for betting on the 2021 Olympics

Over the years, Read Scoops has made a comprehensive list of what we consider to be the best sports betting platforms to use for all sporting events, not just the 2020 Olympics. And the best of this list we made. , is that all sports betting websites and apps on the list are 100% reliable, tried and tested by our team, with ratings given to all these online bookmakers.

So if you are looking for comprehensive coverage of the sports betting for Olympic Games 2020 and want to earn a few dollars on the results of various sports events such as javelin throw, shot put, 100 meters race, fencing, rowing, sailing, tennis, football, darts, archery and much more, we have it for you. While we have a list of over 60 recommended websites, keep reading for our editor’s picks for 2021 Olympics betting.

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Top sites for betting on the 2021 Olympics

  1. Come on – This is one of the newbies among sports betting websites, but the speed at which it has grown is very impressive. And the main reasons for this growth are (A) one of the smoothest interfaces between sports betting platforms and (B) the regular free bets offered on this online sportsbook. The moment you lose a bet, you can expect another free bet!
  2. 10CRIC – By the name of this online bookmaker you would think that it is only for cricket, but you are wrong. Although this was created specifically for cricket, you can expect a wide range of Olympic betting markets across all major sports. Also here you can expect lots of free bets and other giveaways and promotions.
  3. 1xBet – A personal favorite for us at Read Scoops, we have been using 1xBet as our favorite online sports betting site for a few years now. They are super reliable, have a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options and they also have a super friendly customer support team in case you need any assistance. While betting on the Olympics, you can also play a few online casino games.
  4. pari match – Again, a newer website compared to the others on this list. However, we recommend it for Olympics betting, usually for one reason. These guys have the widest range of sports betting markets, so you can expect them all here. However, the main reason is that they offer a 150% bonus on your first deposit, while all the others mentioned above only offer a 100% welcome bonus.

If you are considering joining any of the above 2020 Olympics betting websites, please sign up using one of our links on this page so that you will be covered by our partner and we will be able to guide you in case of any questions during your gambling trip to the Tokyo Olympics. Stay tuned for more updates and stories about the 2020 Olympics

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