Biden says CDC will advise unvaccinated children to mask in school

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US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that the Centers for Disease Control will likely advise that children who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 should wear masks. when they return to school in the fall of summer vacation.

The CDC is going to say that what you should do is that everyone under the age of 12 should probably wear a mask in school. That’s probably what’s going to happen,” Biden said at a town hall in Cincinnati, Ohio, in response to a school safety question from a concerned parent.

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Children over the age of 12 who could get vaccinated “shouldn’t wear a mask,” Biden told the fully vaccinated crowd, but those who aren’t should be.

“It’s going to be difficult whether mom or dad are honest about Johnny being vaccinated or not,” Biden said.

Biden’s comments come as COVID-19 cases are on the rise in some states as vaccination efforts have stalled amid skepticism and misinformation.

Weary Americans emerging from a prolonged pandemic lockdown welcomed the lifting of mask requirements this spring and summer. Mask requirements became politicized early on in the coronavirus pandemic, as then-President Donald Trump and other Republicans pushed back health officials’ advice that they were stopping the virus from spreading.

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Biden added that children under 12 could be vaccinated “soon”.

The CDC recommendations are non-binding and school mask requirements will be determined by district. To date, some have adopted stricter requirements, while others have made no requirements at all.

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