Biden spoke in a half-empty room at CNN Town Hall

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Speaking on CNN’s “Town Hall” program in Ohio, President Biden spoke Wednesday in a half-empty hall.

More than a year after the Covid-1 restrictions were lifted, more than a dozen blank lines are no longer visible to thank television viewers for the spectacular visual display of generality – the apparent slapping in the front rows showing the packing of the entire, non-distance crowd. .

But members of the Travel White House Press Pool shared photos from the back of the room and revealed that the place was not much packed at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati.

Jennifer Epstein, a Bloomberg News reporter, traveled with Biden as a Wire Service correspondent. Tweeted The image of[w]The hat appears on the back of the Biden CNN town hall. “

Radio Poole reporter for the trip, Voice of America reporter Steve Herman, Tweeted A similar image shows that “[b]The ACK of the auditorium is empty. “

Herman also released a video showing another angle where the audience was losing seats.

The image of the vacancies was inconsistent with Biden’s attempt to gain confidence in overcoming the corneal virus epidemic, With his statement, “This (epidemic) is not all epidemics (epidemics) not all epidemics.”

President Joe Biden insists "This is not an epidemic (epidemic disease) in the CNN era when there is a growing discussion of Covid-1 cases in the Delta variant "Town Hall" Program
During CNN’s “Town Hall” event, President Joe Biden insists that “this epidemic is not a ubiquitous disease.”
AFP via Getty Images

It is unclear whether the room is half full due to viral concerns or a lack of public interest. A White House official referred the inquiry to CNN.

“It was a normal audience size for CNN Town Hall,” CNN spokeswoman Lauren Pratap told the Post. She did not elaborate on the reason for the small crowd size.

Former President Donald Trump mocked Biden during a love campaign last year (including before the epidemic) – compared to his own rallies with thousands of fans blown away.

The White House did not confirm whether there was a capacity limit between CNN "Town Hall" Event with President Joe Biden.
The White House did not confirm whether there was a capacity limit during CNN’s “Town Hall” program with President Joe Biden.
AP Photo / Andrew Harnick

“Biden comes to Florida, you have 12, 13 people. You know, they do circles. And it’s going to be very difficult for him to fill the circles. Trump visited Jacksonville, Fla., In September. Trump told the roaring crowd here.


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