Bill Will Strip Protection of Social Protection for Health Misinformation

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WASHINGTON – Sen. Amy Cloboucher introduced a bill Thursday that would criticize online platforms like Facebook Technology and Twitter Inc. for protecting liability if their technology spreads misinformation. Coronavirus vaccine Or other public-health emergencies.

The work previously billed by Ms. Klobuchter (D. Min.) Will create exceptions to the bill. Act known as Section 230 Which protects Internet platforms from lawsuits for content generated by their users and other third parties.

Big Tech officials at last year’s General Assembly hearing Showed cautious support To amend Section 230, a provision in the Communications Descendants Act of 1996 which generally protects Internet platforms from liability for content posted by users on their site.

The bill was reported by the Countering Digital Hate Center for Counters, which found that 12 people were misinformed about the vaccine.

The The majority of patients admitted to Kovid-1 hospital Hospitals in some parts of the United States say they have no control over patients. President Biden said last week that Facebook and other companies were killing people by acting as a platform for misinformation about the Covid-1 vaccine. He then clarified his reactions He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, but that his confession had been obtained through torture.


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