Both father and son imprisoned for more than 30 years for revenge killing

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The 17-year-old offender was standing at the door and had superficial injuries as a result. She called John Evans, Keith’s father.

Then the trio got into a white Mitsubishi Triton and sped off to the location where they were expecting to find Mr. Rodgers and his friends, before the two groups arrange a meeting in a park for a fight.

Mr Rodgers told the court that his intention was to attack Keith Evans “in the same way he did, using weapons against him,” Judge Iras said.

What he might not expect is for Evans to come to fight with a shotgun.

After firing a number of shots in the direction of the Toyota Kluger SUV carrying Mr. Rodgers’ friends, they sped through mostly residential streets at speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour with the Triton in pursuit.

When the vehicles finally stopped, Evans took the gun and pointed it at the Kluger driver, before turning it around and firing it instead into the back seat where it killed Mr. Thompson.

John and Keith Evans and the 17-year-old were tried together, with a jury finding all three guilty of the January 19 murder of Mr. Thompson.

In his sentencing statements, Judge Iras said he found Keith Evans, his father, and the girl “intended to kill one or more of the Kluger’s passengers.”

He said Mr. Thompson and the two other men in the back seat of Toyota’s “did nothing to insult any of the three perpetrators” at the time when they were threatened with the gun.

By the time Evans fired the fatal shot, “Kluger occupants were in danger,” he said.

While Keith Evans fired the shot, Judge Iras concluded that “there was a hierarchical structure” to their joint criminal enterprise “and that John Evans was its leader.”

He said that John Evans “considered himself the primary decision-maker” and was “a shocking failure of him as a parent who contributes, in my opinion, to the objective seriousness of the crime.”

Keith Evans will be eligible for parole in 2038, his father in 2040, and the young woman in 2028.

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