Buffalo Bills clocks in at number 4 ahead of training camp

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The Buffalo Bills went 13-3 to win the AFC East last season for the first time since 1995. If this isn’t progress, we don’t know what is.

The Bills went to the AFC Championship game where they were defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs 38-24 at Arrowhead Stadium. In Buffalo, however, things are going better.

The Bills have been able to keep most of their team intact as they aim for another run toward the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills 2020 record, offensive and defensive stats

Record 2020: 13-3

2020 Offensive and Defensive Stats and Rankings

The Buffalo Bills offense ranked second in the NFL in 2020. The Bills averaged 31.3 points per game, while quarterback Josh Allen threw 4,620 passing yards. The offense was one of the most dominant in the league last season as Allen marked his presence as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

The Buffalo Bills defense didn’t rank as high as the offense last year, coming in at #14 in the league. The Bills defense allowed their opponents to score an average of 23.4 points per game.

In what areas do the Buffalo Bills need improvement?

Offensive Improvements

The Buffalo Bills turned their offensive plan into a spread offensive in 2020 and it seemed to bring them the most success. However, they stepped back from the running game they had in 2019.

If the Bills can create a mix of both and not have to rely on just one all season, they will continue to be successful.

Defensive Improvements

Bills’ defense line was one of the weaker spots last year. They’ve improved that well through the 2021 NFL Draft and the free agency. The Bills signed Efe Obada and fielded Gregory Rousseau of the University of Miami in the first round and also dragged Carlos Basham Jr.

How the Buffalo Bills Can Make a Run in the Super Bowl

Key players who can help the Buffalo Bills make a Super Bowl run

Quarterback Josh Allen is one of the main reasons the Bills have been successful lately. A constant presence on offense, Allen has continued to improve after having a career season in 2020 with 4,544 passing yards and 37 passing touchdowns.

The Bills took over the fifth-year option on Allen last May and he is expected to get a contract extension in the near future.

The Bills offense is also packed with talent, including wide receiver Stefon Diggs, Isaiah McKenzie, Dawson Knox and Devin Singletary, just to name a few.


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