Buses leaving the border town of Texas are illegal immigrants

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Buses leaving Texas City in the midst of a border crisis are struggling to get out of business – because they are full of illegal immigrants Published in the US Through loaded border patrolling agents, the post has learned.

Since the crisis arose After the election of President BidenThe four bus companies operating outside the Central Station bus terminal in McLean, Texas, have installed about 250 seats. But that is not enough yet, said city manager Roy Rodriguez.

“We don’t have enough private bus seats to get everyone out,” Rodriguez told the Post.

The recent increase in the number of passengers caught illegally crossing the border and released in future court appearances has led to “record” high demand for out-of-town tickets, Rodriguez was quoted as saying. Mario Delgado, director of Macaulay Transit, together.

McAllen Border Patrol agents found a large group of 107 illegal immigrants entering south of La Jolla, Texas, in April.
McAllen Border Patrol Agents found a group of 107 illegal immigrants entering south of La Jolla in Texas in April.

“Tomorrow all the seats have already been purchased,” Rodriguez said Wednesday.

“So, if anyone wants to hire a bus to go north, they have to wait two days.”

The number of passengers at Central Station has also increased by hanging 0 per cent. He said, “That’s enough because we have a very busy bus station to start.”

A spokesman for Greyhound Lines – the country’s largest bus company and one of the four that provide services to McClane and from there – acknowledged that demand for travel across the southern border has increased since March, saying “some of this increase is due to passengers.” Travel

People are seen boarding a bus at Maclean Central Station.
Four bus companies operating outside the Central Station bus terminal in Macalon, Texas, have connected six daily routes since Biden took office.
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Greyhound has not received any federal assistance to expand its operations, the company said, but “we welcome the help from the government as we continue to work hard to help migrant families travel.”

While it is not the Greyhound’s responsibility to transport passengers in particular, the Greyhound strives to treat all passengers with respect, the spokesman added.

Representatives for three other carriers, Trailway, Tornado Bus Company and El Expresso Bus Company, did not respond to inquiries.

According to federal statistics, McAllen is located in the Rio Grande Valley. One of the nine areas on the southern border of the Border Patrol, which has seen more illegal immigration than the others. There have been 260,000 migrants stranded there since Feb. 1, according to federal figures.

People are seen boarding a bus at Maclean Central Station.
McLaren Central Station has seen a 50 per cent increase in passenger departures.
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Nearly half of the migrants were in the family group, statistics show.

Once Were captured by border patrol agents, They are processed and then sent from the bus terminal to the government-coronavirus-test site.

After the test, the immigrants are taken to a nearby center by Catholic charities, where they stay an average of 24 hours while arranging to move to the United States.

Rodriguez said the center now houses an average of 7,000 people a week, with about half leaving by bus and the rest by plane.

Section on the US-Mexico border wall in McLean, Texas.
Section on the US-Mexico border wall in McLean, Texas.
John Lamparsky / SIPA USA

Although immigrants are supposed to be released from custody with a Manila envelope with instructions on when and where to appear in federal immigration court, the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged earlier this year that this is not always the case.

“In some cases, the family is not staying at the border patrol station but is further evacuated in the process of their release,” the DHS said in late March.

Rodriguez said McClellan had no choice but to go with the flow and praised the help given by Catholic charities. They said, “Thank God for them, because I don’t know where we would be without them.”

“We’re trying to get everyone tested so that no one gets off the line, be it a bus or a plane, and that’s the best thing they can do,” he said.

“These people are not coming to live here and that is why they have made them available to us [a way] Where they are going. ”


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