Chris Fowler puts Maple Leafs on edge during Expansion Draft (video)

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Chris Fowler poured a salt dump truck over the wounds of Toronto Maple Leafs fans during his coverage of the NHL Expansion Draft.

If it’s “Too Soon” to dig up at the Maple Leafs after a playoffs collapse, Chris Fowler didn’t get the memo.

While hosting ESPN’s coverage of the NHL Expansion Draft, Fowler got stuck in the knife and twisted for good while discussing Toronto’s futility.

“A strong regular season was kind of forgotten when they ruined the 3-1 lead to Montreal. They have the longest Stanley Cup drought in NHL history. It will take about 20,000 days,’ Fowler said.

Leafs fans who signed up for the expansion version can now only cry.

Chris Fowler took multiple swipes at the Maple Leafs postseason battle

The late season has been a Toronto nightmare for more than half a century. They last won the Stanley Cup in 1967 and haven’t come close since. A strong recent run hasn’t changed the script. Despite making the playoffs for the past five seasons, they failed to make it to the first round.

The 2021 playoffs should have been different. They finished the regular season first in the North division. They then took a 3-1 lead over the Montreal Canadiens. Three elimination games later, they were out of the postseason.

The franchise has now lost seven consecutive playoff series dating back to 2004. They have lost their last eight games that could have knocked out their opponent. The psychological weight of those facts is heavy enough without ESPN hammering the point home.

Is there always next season?

Whatever they do in 2021-22, they will have to do without striker Jared McCann, who was the Seattle Kraken roster in the expansion version.

Given the early success of other recent expansion teams, Leafs fans may be wondering if the Kraken will win a playoff series for them.

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