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A number of female citizens confirmed that adhering to the precautions has contributed to the happiness of everyone, especially the elderly and children.

She pointed out that emphasizing the need to avoid family visits during the current period did not prevent them from fulfilling their duty to greet parents and relatives, via telephone and video communication, and to activate virtual family councils, which set the holiday mood a bit. nice accent. benefit, and spread joy and pleasure in us.

Raja Muhammad bin Juma Al Tunaiji said: In the context of the celebrations of the blessed Eid Al-Adha, we are all keen, within our large family, to avoid family visits and gatherings on that blessed occasion, in light of this conditions we currently live, to prevent the spread of the “Corona” infection, and everyone within the family. He appreciates these circumstances well and no one is bothered by them.

My family and I have made sure Eid celebrations are limited to members of the same family, living in the same house, in implementation of the safety rules for the “Corona” virus, adding:

Our communication with relatives, parents and neighbors was limited to exchanging greetings via social media, and we all agreed to move away from the popular tradition of offering the “Eidiya” in cash, and it was replaced by the electronic one. “Eidiya,” all to maintain our health, safety and the safety of our families.

In turn, Jawaher Hassan Al Balushi said: We all know where we are and appreciate the circumstances we are going through, in light of the spread of the “Corona” virus, and what we all need to abide by, for the safety of our lives, because the arrival of Eid Al-Adha is upon us under these conditions, which we are not used to before, it prompts us to receive it without rituals, customs and social traditions, we are used to.

Emirati families have become accustomed to it in recent years. Eid is with us, yes, and we are happy about it, and we are happy about it, but we all have to adhere to all precautions and preventive measures to prevent the spread of to limit the disease. “Corona” virus, because we have decided that visual communication should take place through social media channels. It is the best and safest, and the circumstances have not prevented us from preparing the chapel at home with our small family and buying clothes and toys to receive Eid al-Adha.

Aisha Ahmed Sultan Al Muhairi says: Eid Al-Adha this year was different from all previous Eid, due to the loss of many important events, especially family gatherings, but with the preventive measures against the “Corona” virus, it was necessary for us to coexist and adapt to this sphere, and prepare for Her, and accept the union and not go out, as it is in the interest and safety of all.

She emphasized that emphasizing the need to avoid family visits as much as possible did not prevent them from being obliged to greet family and relatives, via telephone and video communication through social media channels.

Group video calls and the activation of virtual family councils, in collaboration with parents and relatives, gave the Eid atmosphere a beautiful function and spread joy and happiness in us, as well as exchanging safety messages mixed with happiness.

Nihad Abdullah Al-Awadi says: In light of the continuation of the pandemic, some Eid rituals, such as large family gatherings and exchanging congratulations and blessings in the square of mosques, streets and houses, must disappear for all the precautions that were taken, to ensure the safety of the citizen and resident, and the state, in turn, to the fullest, and we must all do our part in ourselves and our families in our homes.

She added: Families must realize that they have to leave some of the customs associated with the holidays, when we are gone and we are currently committed, its return in the future will be a meeting and a meeting. family at home, and technical means were used to communicate with their families and loved ones to maintain their safety.


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