“Climate change” receives 220 food safety messages in first half – places – other

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The Department of Climate Change and Environment said it received 449 reports through the early reporting system on biosecurity in the first six months of this year, including 11 reports on agricultural pests, 220 reports on the safety of food traded in the country and 72 reports. animal disease reports.
The ministry explained that the statistics of the reports it has received through the system indicate a decrease in their number in the six months of this year, compared to the same period last year, when 612 reports were received, spread over 18 reports. on agricultural pests, 334 on the safety of traded food, and 79 on animal diseases.

About the measures taken against these violations, the Assistant Undersecretary for the Sustainable Communities Sector and the Acting Deputy Undersecretary for the Food Diversity Sector at the agency, Engineer Saif Al-Shara, told Emirates Today: “Animal disease reports be treated in accordance with the Federal Law No. 8 of 2013 on Disease Prevention, Infectious and Epidemiological, the Implementing Regulations and the National Plan for the Control of Epidemics and Infectious Diseases in Animals.

He pointed out that the country relies on the guidelines of the World Organization for Animal Health in establishing procedures for dealing with major animal diseases, as these procedures depend on the type of disease, the epidemiology of the pathogen, the type of susceptible animal species, the consequences of the disease resulting from economic losses and its impact on animal health, public health and international trade.

He explained that when a report is received of a suspected infection with brucellosis, the case is handled by the government veterinarian in the relevant area, where the property is visited, the suspected infected animals and samples are taken for laboratory examination of the suspected animals, and if the infection is confirmed, the system automatically sends a notification to those involved in the Ministry of Health and the community protection and health authorities, as it is one of the most common diseases for the treatment and examination of contacts, and the veterinarian places animals that are in possession is in quarantine and prevents the entry and exit of animals from it, taking samples for examination from all animals in the herd, and isolating animals that gave positive results In addition to coordinating with those involved in government affiliated slaughterhouses with the local authorities to slaughter and deliver their meat to their owners after the meat has been examined and its safety ensured, or the infected animals are destroyed and safely disposed of in accordance with approved health practices. Breeders are also made aware of the disease, biosafety procedures and the importance of research. Animals are tested in the laboratory before new animals come into possession. The vet also monitors the herd and puts follow-up reports into the system until the event ends and the stone is taken from possession.

Regarding the law violations in the system, all of which come from the public, Al-Shara stated that according to the design of the system, the report is handed over to the appropriate local authority to verify, confirm or reject the report in case of non-conformity (the report is incorrect or does not complete the data required by the complainant for the purpose of tracking confirmed violations of law are handled by the competent authority in accordance with the regulatory law (Federal Law No. 16) of 2007 with regarding animal welfare and its amendments and its executive regulations and Federal Law No. 22 of 2016 on the Possession of Dangerous Animals and its Executive Regulations, according to the type of violation observed, and the Department follows the procedures taken by the competent authority with regard to the reports until they are closed to ensure that t the required procedures are met.

He added that reports related to agricultural pests are treated in accordance with the Agricultural Quarantine Legislation based on Federal Law No. (5) of 1979 on Agricultural Quarantine and the Acts Amending It and related regulatory acts, and in accordance with the standards of phytosanitary measures, where all agricultural consignments are subjected to laboratory tests. To verify that they are free from pests, and in case of violation, measures are taken to re-export or destroy the consignment in a way that does not affect the local agricultural production Phytosanitary officials in the source countries are also contacted to inform them of the violations if necessary.

He pointed out that with regard to the messages received from the public and farmers in the country, they are handled by the departments of the regions affiliated to the Ministry and monitored, including conducting field visits, if necessary, and providing appropriate guidance in case need for control.

On the key objectives of biosafety early reporting, Al-Shara said: It will achieve the speed of response to all communications in all emirates of the country and enable all parties to coordinate among themselves to handle these communications, including the health sector. , where the system that observes the highest standards of transparency is seen as a unified platform that gathers and coordinates the relevant government agencies related to animal disease and agricultural pest reports, food safety and biosecurity. The system also delivers continuously, in real time, around the clock, enabling exchanges between partners and decision-makers to ensure a rapid response to those communications.

He pointed out that work is being done periodically to update the system in line with new requirements to implement the strategy’s initiatives, and to add the axes of biodiversity and the marine environment to the system due to their relationship with biological safety in one way or another. A database of state-level biosecurity capabilities and capabilities will also be added as part of the system.


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