CNN correspondent Mary Catherine Hamm rips Fawcett’s media ‘fingerling’ at explosive exchange

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Sparks flew Wednesday as a conversation between CNN collaborators Mary Catherine Ham And there was a heated discussion about the polarized treatment of political analyst David Gregory Dr. Anthony Foucault By the media and some politicians.

On “New Day,” Ham and Gregory disagreed with the criticism from some members of Congress and the media, and they long “lied” to the health official’s media, defending the latter as their own. “Remarkably consistent.”

“I don’t think it’s entirely a game. I think Fossey is a very powerful public official who deserves it, and tough questions can be asked in almost any field,” Ham told Liberal guest John Avalon. Pleasant. Rand Paul, R-Key, (epidemic) was playing a “political game” by painting Foucault as a “bad actor” in response to a nationwide (or continental) outbreak.

Paul has accused Foucault To lie About funding and their potential role in government The advantage of function research On the suspected Chinese lab as the original site of Kovid-1 for. This week Fauki made it clear that they did not know what Paul was talking about.

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“[Fauci] “Frankly, he gets a lot of fangling and a lot of forum for his ideas and he doesn’t get pushback,” Ham added.[Paul was] Asking about such a difficult subject, that of course, none of us are experts, but I want to know more about it. And despite his protests, Dr. The tough questions for Hthani Fausi are not just attacks on science. “

Hamm claimed that Foucault was partly responsible for his own lack of credibility, which he pointed out to him. Reverse on various recommendations “(These are just facts.) And a powerful public figure was found to be telling the truth about these things, and people think there’s a reason. Don’t trust him.”

“Every time liberals jump in to defend Fursi, there’s no question,” Gregory said. “It didn’t mean that Foucault was responsible for making every decision in any way for what people should do.”

Rand Paul said he would seek a ‘criminal referral’ on a ‘criminal reference’.

“Proper scrutiny of Foucault … I think it’s right. In this case, what I think is different than Rand Paul. Trying to make a big case against Foucault, which may not be accurate. I’ve been listening to Fakey for months.” I think it’s remarkably consistent, ”he continued.

Hamm criticized the media for defending Foucault.

“Fookie and a lot of the media, and the support of his fans, are seriously attacking him personally over these things. Remembering that he did these things is not an attack on him personally,” Ham said. “That’s the face of messaging for that. Sometimes he wasn’t the great face to message these things.”

“On the question of this particular question which has to do with laboratory leak theory … you can call it legal to ask tough questions but we never find out about it,” she said. “People get distrustful when they are told we have no good reason to ask questions about it.”

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Before Gregory’s announcement, the two began to say to each other, “I’m sorry. This cable is coming to News Silence. This is Cable News Silence.”

When the two started talking to each other again, he added, “I can’t come here to shout.”

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