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Community events emphasized the importance of the continued commitment of community members to preventive and precautionary measures during the Eid al-Adha holiday, to ensure support for the efforts of the competent authorities in the country and to protect families and individuals from the spread of the “Corona” virus, emphasizing the importance of avoiding family visits and satisfaction with social media greetings.

Mahra Sarai, head of community initiatives in the Ras Al Khaimah Medical District, said this phase we are going through is a turning point in the eradication of the Corona virus, and therefore all members of society should not tolerate the danger of the virus, and stressed that increasing awareness messages to avoid gatherings doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the atmosphere of Eid, given the availability of many virtual alternatives you can rely on, be it exchanging congratulations or continuing to check in with friends and family.


dr. Ahmed Falah Al-Amoush, Professor of Applied Sociology at the University of Sharjah, emphasized the importance of preserving the gains and positive results achieved by the UAE in fighting the pandemic and eradicating the virus, by Eid Al-Adha celebrate safely and ensure physical distancing and gatherings, and benefit from the joy of Eid by continuing family safety and devotion. protecting themselves and others, especially the elderly, who are most at risk, pointing out that celebrating with relatives at home is one of the most important components of protecting society and achieving the vision and direction of the stakeholders that give us the task have entrusted to protect society from home.

dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Khair Al-Yousef, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Saqr Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah, said: “Municipalities, especially families embracing the elderly and children, should follow a number of tips and guidelines to ensure safety. of all family members and protect them from the risk of spreading the Corona virus, especially during celebrations. Blessed Eid Al-Adha, who is at the forefront of the dedication to social media congratulations to ensure human gatherings do not take place in one location, and to maintain social distancing and avoid hugs and fights while wearing of a muzzle is maintained during the presence of meetings.

Ruba Ala Al-Hourani, a clinical nutritionist and dietitian and head of the nutrition department at RAK Hospital, emphasized the importance of avoiding meal sharing during the holiday season and following the general guidelines for slaughter in municipal slaughterhouses to health safety, emphasizes the need to limit the exchange of home visits during the party to family members. At home, and using social media as an alternative to visiting family and friends, as the number of injuries on those occasions increases due to the proliferation of numbers in one place, aiming to support UAE government efforts, which have delivered a pioneering and proactive experience in protecting members of society by coping with the pandemic. We must all maintain these achievements and commit ourselves to not visit, except in the strictest limits.


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