Conspiracies abound in US, Biden warns: ‘The rest of the world is amazed at us’

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Speaking at CNN Town Hall in Ohio, Biden said that after referring to the United States, “it is necessary to go beyond this.” The principle of the design of the Qun cut And sowing division and misinformation about covid-1 vaccine.

“What would you tell your grandchildren or your children about what’s going on? Have you ever remembered a time like this in the whole of history, are you a Democrat or a Republican? It doesn’t matter who we are,” the president said. .

“And I’ll say one last thing: You’re leaving – I’ve had a lot of experience internationally and – I mean, I’m not good or bad, just – I was chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, I was very involved. With Barack (Obama) I did my last national security for the administration. But people, other people around the world are amazed at you. For those of you who have traveled abroad – it’s no joke. “

Biden’s reaction came as soon as the White House was hit A struggling saint With social media platforms about the scope of misleading claims, especially those related to coronavirus vaccines when looking for cases across the country.

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy had warned last week that misinformation about health was “a serious threat to public health” and the administration directly called the social media giant Facebook and accused it of not doing enough to prevent the spread of misinformation on its platform. .

And while Biden is on Monday Supported his allegations Facebook is “killing” people by spreading misinformation, he said, adding that more needs to be done on the platform to prevent conspiracies from flourishing.

“My hope is that Facebook, instead of taking it personally, I am saying that Facebook is killing people, they will do something about the wrong information about vaccines, insulting misinformation. That’s what I meant, “he said. Speech in the White House on the state of the economy.

Still, Biden added Wednesday evening that he “trusts the American people” to “finally get to the right place.”

Democracy, he said, “must stand up and prove that something like this can be accomplished.”


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