Daniel Bryan Reportedly Went To AEW For The NYC Arthur Ashe Show

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Him again?

Him again?
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Bodyslam.net says they have an exclusive, reporting that Daniel Bryan, whose real name is Bryan Danielson, goes to AEWAE. Danielson was with the WWE from 2009 to last April. After being in the main event of WrestleMania 37 in a triple threat match, including Edge for the WWE Universal Championship, in which Roman Reigns retained, Danielson continued a feud with Reigns in subsequent episodes of SmackDown. The rivalry culminated in a championship vs. career match on April 30, which Danielson lost, and it’s his contract reportedly expired the next week.

Bodyslam.net owner Cassidy Haynes said the following regarding the website’s report that: Danielson is locked up with AEW:

We were told there were tentative plans for Bryan Danielson’s AEW debut. At the time of writing (Wednesdays 7-9pm-9:45pm), Bryan Danielson is slated to make his AEW debut on September 22, when AEW heads to Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City. The plan was to delay Danielson’s debut until all their All Out plans were finalized, and to bring him in after the PPV. However, with news of CM Punk’s potential AEW debut, plans may change.

Ringside News was one of those who redistributed the report. According to WrestlingInc.comWrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer “reported that the biggest factor in Bryan likely signing with AEW is the company’s relationship with [New Japan Pro Wrestling].” However, they followed up by stressing that “Meltzer noted that he doesn’t know if Bryan has been officially signed, but everything so far points to the deal being closed.” The WWE had previously his own discussions also with NJPW.

If…if…if this is true then it will definitely be a big deal when he debuts on AEW. WWE and AEW aren’t engaged in a ratings war, but rumors are now circulating about potential collaborations with both Danielson and cm punk. For many, Danielson and Punk are two of the most influential wrestlers of the past 20 years – before, during and even after their WWE days. Both had huge runs in the business as champions and at times served as the face of the entire brand. Even before that, Danielson and Punk were two of the biggest independent wrestling stars in the world. While people are tired of WWE and looking for alternatives, Danielson and Punk can go a long way in establishing the televised Turner brand, which certainly has its own set of flaws. But if the WWE decides to bring in an aging Goldberg to… taking on the champion of his flagship show, there’s no question that pure wrestling fans prefer Punk or Danielson.

But again, none of this can happen in the end. Reports are not always accurate and for all we know Danielson could return to WWE during SummerSlam. It’s wrestling, shit happens.


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