Department of Justice stops 5 gun smuggling to prevent gun violence

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Washington – The Department of Justice is launching a military crackdown on the smuggling of five guns on Thursday to prevent gun violence and ban the supply of firearms. Rise in violent crime.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco launched five cross-jurisprudential strike forces during a visit to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns and Explosives (ATF). Later on Thursday, Garland will go to Chicago, one of the Strike Force cities.

The five major areas are New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Sacramento Region and Washington DC. Prosecutors led by U.S. attorneys in each area will work with the ATF and state and local law enforcement. Identifying patterns, leads and potential suspects in violent gun crimes.

The ATF is recruiting agents or task force officers with more than 45 local homicide units to coordinate efforts to prevent violent crime, Justice Department officials told reporters.

“Often, guns found at crime scene come from hundreds or thousands of miles away. We are stepping up our efforts as we work to track the movement of illegal firearms used in violent crimes, including ATF law enforcement.” “This strike force enables permanent coordination in multiple courts to disrupt the worst gun traffic routes.”

Monaco said the information and intelligence shared with law enforcement agencies across the country is the “fuel” of efforts to disrupt the smuggling network.

“Everyone knows our job is to go to the people who pull the trigger and get seriously injured and in some cases kill innocent people,” she said at a meeting at ATF headquarters in Washington, DC. “But our job is definitely to the gun source, where The network that feeds them on the corridors they have traveled and the places where they are committing the most violent crimes. “

To disrupt significant smuggling corridors and, ultimately, the entire network, from which guns are grown and used to commit violent crimes, flows to where they end, the strike army is considering taking advantage of existing resources.

Officials from the Department of Justice told reporters that the effort is not a “short-term resource” but an integrated, coordinated and multifaceted strategy. The new efforts prioritize crime distribution in the area of ​​the source and market, where guns are used in crime, and law enforcement and lawyers have added guns from places where violence is taking place, officials said.

An ATF official told reporters that it was not a crime to smuggle a gun, but that those involved in the scheme were prosecuted under other laws, such as conspiracy, prohibition of detention or making false statements, an ATF official told reporters.

The Department of Justice and President Biden launched a series of initiatives aimed at curbing the flow of firearms used for the purpose of gun violence and violent crime. Last month, Mr. Biden and Garland ATF announced Federal gun licensees who violate the main rules will be prosecuted. The president has encouraged cities to use the money left over from community policing funds or Kovid-1p contagious illnesses for teenage job programs.

In April, Shri. Biden Guided ATF To propose new rules to prevent the proliferation of so-called ghost guns and to review the use of stationary brackets used to convert pistols into short-barreled rifles.

The latest move by the Justice Department comes at a time when violent crime is on the rise in cities across the country. A Practice Cowid-1 National and National Criminal Justice Commission’s crime rate in 34 cities found an om0% increase in 2020, with a sharp increase in% attacks and a%% increase in gun attacks.


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