Dhahi Khalfan recalls Mohammed bin Salman’s speech about the Houthis: “a shrewd and shrewd leader”

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Dubai’s deputy chief of police, Dhahi Khalfan, mentioned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s speech about the Houthis in his recent interview with journalist Abdullah Al-Mudaifer last April, after he was criticized for his tweet. In it, some Houthis described citizens in the UAE as “brothers”.

Khalfan released a video clip featuring what the Saudi Crown Prince had said about the Houthis in the interview, where he said: “But also the Houthi is ultimately Yemeni and has the Arab and Yemeni conflict, which I hope will revive more and first of all take into account his interests and the interests of his country.”

The deputy chief of police of Dubai commented on Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s speech, saying: “I wish some tweeters would learn from this perceptive and astute leader… despite the war… listen to his speech on the enemy… …a man does not underestimate his opponents, and that is the advantage of great leaders,” he said.

Khalfan added in another tweet, saying: “That’s why Mohammed bin Salman is a descendant of kings … You only expect him to say such words about Al-Houthi … Even with the rivalry, the king remains a king … just give him the one who understands,” as he put it.


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