Dubai City Council closes 5 facilities for breaching precautions – places – health

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Yesterday, Dubai Municipality closed five facilities, five facilities, for violating precautions to prevent the emerging coronavirus and demands the Municipality is making to limit the spread of the virus, either through overcrowding or non-compliance with the conditions of cleaning and sterilization.

The municipality states in today’s report that its inspectors made 2,225 field visits to the institutions and facilities it oversees within the emirate of Dubai and that the average compliance with the precautions and requirements was 99%.

The closure decisions include four barber shops, in the Mirdif, Satwa and Naif areas, for non-compliance with the wearing of masks and overcrowding in the number of visitors, and a massage center for “massage” in the Old Metha area for non- -compliance with the conditions for cleaning and sterilization, and non-compliance with the wearing of masks. Municipal inspectors registered two violations against two other institutions and issued nine warnings, and the number of institutions that met public safety requirements and measures reached 2,209.

The Municipality’s inspection teams conduct routine inspection visits, visits based on consumer complaints, and impose fines under Local Ordinance No. 11 of 2003 regarding public health and community safety in the Emirate of Dubai.

The municipality called on the public to report violations or observations in this regard, through direct communication via the toll-free telephone 800900, or through other communication channels, through the “My Product” window in the uniform application of the Dubai Municipality.

The municipality is happy to monitor the implementation of precautionary and preventive measures and contains binding requirements, including social distancing, increasing the cleaning and disinfection cycle at all times and the obligation to wear masks and gloves.


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