Dubai Police Review Insurance Plans for Expo 2020

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Dubai: «The Gulf»
The Dubai General Police Command, in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior and local and national partners, organized the second forum to secure the Expo 2020 event for liaison officers in the country, at the Trade Center Hall on the World Expo site, with the purpose of presenting insurance plans, scenarios and the readiness of teams and committees for the Expo 2020, in the presence of Major General Counsel Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations Affairs, Major General Expert Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander in Chief for Criminal Investigative Affairs, Major General Abdullah Hussein Ahli, Deputy Supreme Commander for Community Happiness and Logistic Support, and Ali Khalifa Al Ghais, Chief Executive Officer of Expo 2020 Security, Brigadier General Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Al Mualla, Director of the General Department of Excellence and Leadership, some strategic pa officers from the Dubai Police, a representative of the Gulf Police Organization, the Ministry of Interior and 36 liaison officers from different countries.
The forum was opened by Major General Engineer Advisor Mohammed Saif Al Zaffin, underlining that the Dubai Police Department is committed to continuously developing its security system to secure the Expo as fully and professionally as possible using modern and advanced technologies. that the various governments at local and federal levels are fully prepared to 100% secure the Expo event and preparedness plans.
Al-Zafin also explained that the various authorities at the local and federal levels have made double efforts and at an increasingly rapid pace, raising the level of performance and excellence in various fields, in addition to the optimal use of modern systems and technologies and the link between security programs to realize the senior leadership’s ambitions to bring the global event forward in a manner befitting Dubai’s global position. .
Brigadier Dr. Saleh Al-Hamrani, Deputy Director of the General Department for Excellence and Entrepreneurship, Chairman of the Governance Committee to Secure the Expo 2020 Event, revised the Security Council’s organizational structure in preparation for hosting the Expo 2020.
The different participating parties have also revised their security plan, coordination mechanism, criminal law linkage, delegation management and reception mechanism, among others.
Colonel Tariq Hilal Al Suwaidi, head of the International Liaison Committee of the Expo, said: “The organization of the forum stems from the willingness of the Dubai Police Force to implement best international policing practices in hosting the event, and that this global event is an economic, tourism event. and cultural importance, providing a forum for civilizations, cultures and knowledge exchange. He explained the ability of the UAE in general, and Dubai in particular, to host such international events.
He added that the various authorities have used all capacities, technologies and artificial intelligence to organize Expo 2020, noting that this global event, which the General Command of the Dubai Police Force has set as one of its priorities, has already been completed. capabilities and smart and technical systems to provide the necessary support in all matters related to safety and service and monitor all work teams and their relationship with all safety institutions in the country, with the aim of providing high quality smart services to all visitors, organizers and participating delegations, in order to be the best ambassadors for the state of tolerance.


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