EA Play Live Reveals Grid Legends, Coming in 2022, With a ‘Classic Underdog Story’ Twist on the Racing Series

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Developer Codemasters unveiled Grid Legends during EA Play Live 2021.

The Grid Legends announcement trailer shows live action clips mixed with cinematic gameplay bits. Grid Legends will have a fascinating story-driven campaign, which is a brand new addition to the previous Grid titles, which were all about racing.

The live-action segment of the announcement trailer featured British actor Ncuti Gatwa, of Sex Education fame.

“The Grid series has always been about delivering outstanding gameplay,” said senior game designer Becky Crossdale.

“And with Grid Legends, you still get that same immersive racing experience you know and love. But this time we’re going up a notch and adding another layer – we’re really proud of this new Story- mode.”

Codemaster Reveals Grid Legends from the Stages of EA Play Live

Grid Legends’ story-driven campaign is sure to remind fans of racing games of the previous Need for Speed ​​titles. Grid Legends certainly has the potential to be a huge success if the compelling story elements and typical Grid gameplay are mixed correctly.

“With the series’ renowned racing behaviour, GRID Legends delivers exciting, unpredictable racing on traditional racetracks and city circuits. The game also has a race maker that allows players to select vehicles of different classes and compete on all tracks, including new city locations, London and Moscow. ”

The story is apparently an underdog story. crossdale said,

“We’ll put you right in the driver’s seat, right in the middle of the Grid World Series.”

Codemasters used extended reality techniques to film the Scenes of Grid Legends. It was first popularized by the creators of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian. “[The actors] step into our Grid world and react with it,” Crossdale added.

Grid Legends brings drama to every inch of the track. The unique driver personality AI will result in unpredictable races as cars jostle for the top finish.

Players can compete on more than 130 routes, including real circuits like Brands Hatch and Indianapolis, to iconic Grid city circuits like San Francisco, Paris and more.

Players can race and upgrade over 100 vehicles, from classic touring cars to large platforms, and from single-seaters to stadium trucks. Using the race maker, players can take their favorite rides from different classes onto the track and battle it out online.

Grid Legends was announced for release in 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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