Emirates Airlines regains 90% of its destinations

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Dubai: Anwar Dawood
Adnan Kazim, CEO of commercial operations at Emirates Airlines, confirmed that the airline is witnessing an increase in travel demand as it recorded strong future bookings over the winter by travelers coming to Dubai, pointing to the growing demand for travel to Dubai in the last quarter of the year in conjunction with Expo 2020. Dubai, and vital events and exhibitions.

In a virtual media interview, with the launch of “Emirates Airlines” flights to “Miami”, the airline’s first new destination launched since the outbreak of the epidemic, Kazem said that 50% of Emirates passengers flights coming to Dubai in the last 12 months were visitors, for the first time travelers to Dubai made up 50% of the total.

Kazem expressed his optimism about the travel movements in the next phase and at the same time emphasized that the airline’s activities are registering a continuous increase in the number of passengers, especially tourists coming to the emirate.

Adnan Kazim said: Emirates Airlines operates its flights to 124 passenger destinations, compared to 143 before the pandemic, or 90%, and we operate Airbus A380 aircraft to 18 cities with 129 weekly flights via 30 aircraft. In July, we will resume flights to 8 destinations, including Nice, Mexico City, Phuket, Lyon, Mauritius and Malta.

High seat occupancy

He pointed out that Emirates Airlines currently takes 40% of the available seat capacity, and the airline will also aim to increase this to 70% by the end of the year, explaining that the airline currently has high seat occupancy rates ranging from between 70% and 75%, and up to 100% on some lines.

He added: “Our promotional campaigns have succeeded in attracting holidaymakers to Dubai, and this gives us an idea of ​​the current age structure, i.e. individual holiday travelers between 25 and 44 years old, compared to a larger proportion of family traveling before the pandemic.”

Strong demand in the last quarter

He continued: “The demand for travel to Dubai is expected to grow with the last quarter of the year coupled with Expo 2020 Dubai, the 50th celebration of the UAE and major tournaments such as the Dubai International Rugby Sevens and the Dubai World Golf Tour, alongside international conferences and events such as the Dubai Air Show and GITEX.” Gulfwood.

Kazem said: We are witnessing strong forward bookings to Dubai for the winter, especially from European points and the United States in the last quarter of this year, and the mix of customers shows the diversity of Dubai offers for leisure and business travelers as people who bought Emirates tickets for winter travel (November and December) are split: mainly 33% for couples, 29% for families and 21% for individual travelers 21%, while new customers make up 17%.


Kazem pointed out that there is demand for travel, but people are waiting for restrictions to be eased. Emirates search data is indicative as we saw 3.6 million flight searches on emirates.com in the first week of July alone.

He pointed out that there is a change in booking patterns, with more people making short-term decisions closer to their travel date due to the dynamic changes in travel requirements.

He said tourist destinations with clear entry protocols and easy access to “newly needed” services, such as the “Covid-19” test, are witnessing a strong return in demand (Maldives, Phuket, Seychelles, Mauritius and Greece). As the European market gradually opens up, we are seeing demand in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and other regions such as Moscow.

He noted that the recovery of business travel depends on the industry sector, and that some types of business travel, such as those for essential tasks (factories, oil rigs, etc.), have never stopped. As a global long-haul carrier, our business traffic mix may be different from others who rely on regional traffic.

Business Rewards

He explained that Emirates launched an initiative to incentivize small and medium businesses and we saw a very strong response and interest in our global markets (250 new companies signed up to our Business Rewards program in the first 10 days). This trend was illustrated by a recent Mckinsey report that expects small and medium-sized businesses to return to business travel much more quickly, and that this is likely to lead to a “domino effect”, where a company’s resumption of business travel will reduce the return of business travel. encourages business travel. its competitors on work-related travel.

He pointed out that the freight business contributed to the transfer of equipment and basic materials, and continued to do so by transporting vaccines around the world, with a network of 142 passenger and freight destinations, covering key locations in the world, as well as the freight sector contributed to 60% of the carrier’s revenue.

Money Back

He pointed out that Emirates has introduced several initiatives to return travel and gain customer trust, including a general commitment to return money, which has cost us Dirham 8.5 billion in the past fiscal year.

He explained that the biggest difference we have is the “Dubai factor”. We were able to develop a clear strategy for resuming operations thanks to early collaboration with all relevant stakeholders, including aviation, tourism, health authorities and decision-makers.


Emirates Airlines launched its first commercial flight to Miami, the 12th point in the United States of America and the second destination in Florida after Orlando Airport.

Emirates Airlines Chief Commercial Officer said Miami is the first new passenger destination we are launching since the pandemic, adding that the choice of the new destination was based on many factors, most notably the strong move we are seeing to the United States. and the opportunity we see in Miami, as it is a gateway to the Caribbean, Central and South America, and a major global sailing hub is now linked to Dubai’s own regional ambitions as a regional sailing hub.

He pointed out that Miami embraces large, small and medium-sized businesses and is the second most visited city in the United States of America.

Kazim explained that Emirates Airlines has a good footprint for its brand, existing operations and commercial infrastructure in Florida, where we currently operate in Orlando, and before that in Fort Lauderdale and Emirates Airlines had an extensive network before the outbreak of the pandemic, and our last year the focus was on restoring these lines, to and through Dubai.

He said Emirates Airlines has also been working to restore a wider connection through our codeshare and interline partners. This gives our customers access and connection to Emirates Airline points to more than 500 other cities in the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. For example, in August 2020 we revived our partnership with flydubai.

12 destinations in America

Kazim pointed out that our new service to Miami, averaging 4 flights per week, will connect our network in the United States to 12 destinations and more than 70 flights per week. “On our first flight to Miami, we’re seeing over 80% occupancy and healthy early bookings, especially in First and Business Class,” he said.

He pointed out that we aim to operate a daily flight in the near future as we flew to 12 US cities before the pandemic with 100 weekly flights with an average seat occupancy of 81%.

vaccination program

He explained that the “Covid-19” vaccination program in the United States facilitates travel, and we are seeing a similar request from our customers to travel to the United States of America this summer. The UAE is also attractive to US travelers as we see good traffic in both directions, with seat occupancy around 65%.

He explained that the airline has regained 50% of tourist traffic in the US market as bookings indicate that more than 18,000 tourists come to Dubai from the market in July and August, a testament to the emirate’s attractiveness. are about 14 visitors from Dubai to United States of America. .

Kazem stressed that the Miami line will strengthen the tourism movement between the two countries in the next phase. It is expected that 20,000 to 30,000 tourists from the United States of America will come to Dubai per month during Expo 2020 Dubai.

Growth plans and the pandemic

Kazem said the pandemic has derailed our growth plans. At the 2019 Dubai Airshow, we placed orders for 50 A350 XWBs and 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. These new aircraft were intended to add to our fleet and provide operational flexibility within our long-haul hub model. He added: Originally, we expected to receive the first aircraft of these orders in 2023, but it is likely that this will be delayed. We are in constant communication with manufacturers about schedules.

He emphasized that Emirates will of course continue to develop the crucial connectivity and expand the network. Our long-term goals have not changed, but we are adjusting some aspects of our plans. Speed ​​and volume largely depend on market reopening rates (some of our major markets remain closed to international travel to this day).

He pointed out that we are witnessing high demand in every destination easing travel restrictions, especially once the quarantine is lifted, and we hope to see more facilities as vaccination programs progress, and as countries adjust their strategies with more data and the realization that “Covid-19” will accompany us in the medium term.

He pointed out that Emirates’ plan is to return to our entire network as soon as possible and we expect to restore 70 percent of our capacity by the end of the year. It is difficult to have fixed goals in rapidly changing situations. So what we do is focus on our own preparations. We are working with authorities around the world on protocols to resume operations. At the same time, we keep our aircraft and teams ready for air and ground operations so that we can deploy and restart quickly when the opportunity arises.

Payment method

Adnan Kazim pointed out that Emirates Airlines plans to expand the account-based payment method for purchasing airline tickets to several countries in partnership with banks, noting that the service is currently launched for travelers in Germany and the United Kingdom. Kingdom.


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