Eric Dickerson thinks the Rams should sign a certain veteran who is walking back

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Since the Los Angeles Rams may be considering signing a running back, Eric Dickerson has one in mind for them.

This week brought bad injury news for the Los Angeles Rams, with Cam Akers returning with a ruptured Achilles tendon. He will miss the entire coming season, leaving an in-depth chart of where one man (Darrell Henderson) currently has an NFL on his resume.

The Rams look set to roll with Henderson as their lead back in place of Akers. But the lack of experience in the depth chart should be a concern, even if there’s no apparent rush to sign an available veteran or trade for one buried on another team’s depth chart.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Hall of Famer and former Rams’ great Eric Dickerson. He offered what he sees as a ‘no brainer’ signing for the team.

Should the Rams reunite with a former running back?

Dickerson thinks former Ram Todd Gurley, who is still available after the 2020 season with the Atlanta Falcons, is ideal.

“That’s a good idea.” “I mean, he knows the offense, he knows this offense. He doesn’t have to come in and try to learn it. . . . He knows [Sean] McVay, he knows the guys on the team – that would fit easily. ”

Spurred on by a lingering knee problem, Gurley’s tenure with the Rams in 2020 actually ended just as he was ready to start the huge contract he signed with them. There may be some sour grapes out there from Gurley’s end, with a money dispute following his release, but Dickerson dismissed those concerns.

“Ultimately, football, this is business,” Dickerson said. “That’s what it comes down to. You have to make business decisions. . . . You have to make decisions that are good for the football team and the player has to make decisions that are best for him.”

It would be a cool story if Gurley and the Rams were reunited, and it’s hard to believe he’s still only going to be 27 at the beginning of August. But on the back of The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue calling the move a “non-starter,” Dickerson’s bid to be an amateur GM holds no water.

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