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Today, Thursday, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has notified Egypt and Sudan of the process of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam being built by Addis Ababa above the Blue Nile.

The official spokesman for Ethiopia’s foreign ministry, Ambassador Dina Mufti, said his country had informed Cairo and Khartoum of the matter as part of the exchange of information about the dam. According to Sky News.

He added that the second filling of the Renaissance dam has been done in a way that does not harm the downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abi Ahmed sent messages to the two downstream countries, stressing that the dam would not harm any party.

Ahmed said: “We have carefully and favorably completed the second fill of the Renaissance Dam to reduce flooding from the immediate downstream land. The Renaissance Dam will remain a real asset and a symbol of growth and cooperation.”

And Ethiopian media had reported three days ago that the phase of the second filling of the dam’s reservoir was nearing completion.

The $4 billion dam is fueling fears of water shortages, and Egypt and Sudan see it as a threat to their water security.

Despite international calls to discuss the dispute over the work of the second filling, until an agreement is reached between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have announced their acceptance of the filling, in a move that has been deemed unilateral.

Although Addis Ababa has repeatedly stated that it will exchange information with Cairo and Khartoum about the dam, Sudan said the information provided by Ethiopia about the second filling of the Renaissance Dam reservoir is of “negligible value” after the filling has become a fait accompli. became. .

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