Ex-White Sox Yermin Mercedes announces he’s quitting the game he seemed to love and then lost

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We barely knew you.
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It makes for an easy story, and any of us who want to see baseball evolve into something more fun can easily hold on.

Tony La Russa hangs one of his players to dry not only in the press, but seemingly gives the Sox opponent – and arguably their biggest rival in the Minnesota Twins – the green light to take his player down the following night. And not just any player, but one of the stories of the season in Yermin Mercedes, a 28-year-old rookie who had worked his way up from the Pecos League to the Majors, while having the softball player/attitude that fans love.

After that, Mercedes goes into a tailspin, is sent back to the minors and loses its passion for the game to the point he is retiring/taking an indefinite sabbatical. It sounds great and accessible, but maybe not quite the case.

It is known that Mercedes previously got rid of the brand. He ran away from his Winter League team in 2019 and was suspended the following season for violating COVID protocols. This does not mean Mercedes is totally to blame for this, but it’s also not as easy as just an . say incontinent and unsober manager killed his love for the game.

There is a future somewhere in the big league for Mercedes where he will have the chance to prove that he can one day really hit a curveball. Maybe he doesn’t want it. Maybe he has the feeling that another manager will go behind his back anyway. Who knows? It can be quite a crash for a player to work so hard and so long to get to the Majors, crush it for a month and then not even get the bat to the ball for a month and get down sent. It’s quite a roller coaster.

Or perhaps La Russa was the final nail in the coffin for a player who spent ten years trying to get to where he was, and probably had countless moments where he thought it would never happen. I’d like to believe that, but given the number of other players who have entered the Sox clubhouse as their first Major League experience and done well for them, it doesn’t seem like such a toxic atmosphere for young players.

I won’t stop you from blaming La Russa though. It’s fun and satisfying.

Hello you have to go

This one opening ceremonies keep getting better. They will not only be the unique theater of an event full offull of pageantry meant to impress a live audience that won’t have a live audience, but they can’t stop firing people just hours before it actually takes place. A few days ago, it was a composer who turned out to be proud of his school bullying. Yesterday the director of the whole thing was upset because he made a Holocaust joke 23 years ago.

It’s a goddamn quagmire figuring out whether or not someone should be held accountable for things they said, depending on the degree, nearly a quarter of a century ago, when our priorities and sensitivities were different, and there’s certainly been plenty of time. for Kentaro Kobayashi to have evolved and changed his act or tune or whatever it is that he is doing now.

It’s just a really nice look for the IOC and the organizing committee to go to great lengths to make the Games look clean and immaculate when held in the middle of a country and a world still gripped by a pandemic in the front of no fans with more and more competitors and the affiliates testing positive every day. Like, what are the priorities here and now?

A joke from 23 years ago excludes you from participating in this. “This” is a complete greed hurricane that could potentially endanger people and paralyze a city. You’re not good enough for that. That’s quite a sales job.

Like baseball? Hug a giant

Anyway, to the playing fields. It’s set in obscurity for most of the country, but the Giants and Dodgers may be playing the first ‘major’ run of the season of the season. The Giants came into a game for LA at Chavez Ravine, and they’re going to leave no worse than that after turning the tables on the Dodgers on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, the Dodgers came back from a 6-1 deficit and walked away on a Will Smith knocked out three-run homer a quirky Tyler Rogers. On Wednesday, it was Kenley Jansen’s turn to get all cubist, giving up a single to Buster Posey, then turning to watch Wilmer Flores’ bomb to put the Giants at 3-2. Jansen would again be charged with a run for only having one out.

As of now, this is the only race in the National League, even with the Mets begging everyone in the NL East to join them at the top of the division. The Giants are the surprise of the season, and it would be really enriching to relegate the Dodgers and Padres to the coin game. We spend most of our time complaining about baseball, and we have more than enough reason to do so. Even last month was about foreign substances or the A’s trying to hold up two different cities for a new stadium and development that they won’t pay a cent for or whatever.

But here we have actual stakes games for both teams that have lived up to the bill with dramatic home runs, strikeouts, defensive plays, you name it. Maybe it’s not balancing the scales, but at least it’s something on the other side of it.


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