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At least 14 people died in flooding in Yemen in one day, according to security officials, when unusual rain showers hit parts of the country over the past week.

Five Yemeni governorates, namely: Al-Mahra, Hadramaut, Shabwa, Abyan and Al-Jawf, in the south and east of the country, witnessed flooding. In Shabwa, local officials said a father and daughter were believed to have drowned after rushing water swept their car. Only the father’s body has been recovered by search and rescue personnel, according to the Associated Press.

It is noteworthy that storms are not seasonal in the south and east of the country, which tend to be dry at this time of year.

The country’s northwestern highlands experience seasonal rain in late spring through early fall. Storms also destroyed crops, roads and communications infrastructure. The country’s meteorological service warned late Wednesday that the rest of the country must be prepared for more rain.

stolen joy

Imad Muhammad, a resident of Sanaa, describing the atmosphere of Eid al-Adha, where the Houthi militia on this occasion deprived people of their joy, said: “We are no longer able to meet the needs of everyday life , so what about Eid’s requirements.” He adds: “The majority of the families kept their children’s clothes that they bought on Eid al-Fitr. The past was to wear it on this Eid, and it refrained from buying an offering because the value of it is equivalent to two months’ salary of a government official’s salary, which it receives from a limited number of employees teaching income-generating destinations, and the militia has not reduced their salaries because it worked with the majority of employees.

And in a city that was buzzing with celebrations and performances before the militia took power, today there is much rejoicing for Eid al-Adha in Sana’a. Many families cannot meet their daily needs. Children are deprived of joy in new Eid clothes, and Eid is also bereft of many of them, and some try to save small amounts of money to draw joy on their children’s faces.

Mona, a teacher who received half a salary for the month of April 2018 a few days ago, says: “What holiday are we talking about, all celebrations are absent? People look for their bread and do not find it. Our salaries have been suspended for four years. and half of the salary spent, which is $40, is not enough for anything.” The majority of families live on aid, and the Houthis are busy avoiding singing, checking women’s clothing and clothing stores.”

About Abdullah Ahmed Abdul Rahman, who lives in Ibb Governorate in central Yemen, he says: “During the holidays, the roads were full of travelers who wanted to spend the Eid holiday with their relatives in the countryside, but this time there were none of them. among them in the villages complained of poverty and even of the simple celebration that was held there. ».

Although 80% of the population in militia-controlled areas lives on aid from international organizations, the militia continues to impose different and varied levies.

crazy height

Livestock prices soared this year, the price of one sheep reached 180,000 riyals, an amount equivalent to my month’s salary for a government official, and meat prices soared from 5,000 to 10,000 riyals, coupled with a record deterioration in the value of the Yemeni riyal against the dollar amid warnings of a famine. It is imminent, as the price of one dollar reached about a thousand Yemeni riyals, the highest exchange rate in the country’s history.

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