France adjusts Macron’s security measures over ‘Pegasus’ espionage

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Paris – Agencies

French government spokesman Gabriel Attal said on Thursday that France has decided to change insurance procedures, especially those related to President Emmanuel Macron’s insurance, in light of the issue of the program. «Pegasus» spy.

It was a newspaper «If it stays» The French newspaper published that Macron’s phone was on a list of phones targeted by a surveillance operation using a program «Pegasus» spy. This follows an investigation published last Sunday that found activists, journalists and politicians around the world have been targeted by espionage operations using a malicious cell phone program developed by the privately held NSO company.

On Wednesday, French Prime Minister Jean Castix announced that the country’s president, Emmanuel Macron, had ordered a slew of investigations into the Pegasus spyware file, while Russia announced it needed no additional measures after revealing the extent of the attack. scandal, the dissident American information expert Edward Snowdon did not rule out that the espionage had consequences for presidents such as Macron and his American counterpart Joe Biden, and that the Mexican justice system announced an investigation into the use of spyware within the government.

French Prime Minister Castix told “TV1” Macron’s decision comes after several media revelations about the hacking of the phones of French politicians and journalists, including French President and former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, for the purpose of possible surveillance by the Pegasus police. spy program .

Russian reassurance

For his part, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia should not take additional security measures after the scandal over the electronic espionage system came to light. “Security measures are regularly taken in this area and there is no need to take additional measures,” Peskov added. “In general, the head of state, as well as the cabinet, presidential administration and other government institutions use a special communication system, and government communications are reliably protected,” the Kremlin spokesman added.

According to Arestegui Notícias, Pegasus was used between 2016 and 2017 to spy on journalists and human rights activists and to wiretap relatives and associates of current Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.


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