Get a bonus for Olympics Betting on Bettilt

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Probably the biggest sports spectacle in the world, it’s time for a new edition of the Summer Olympics. After a one-year delay, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will start and while the stadiums will be empty, we’ve decided to ensure that everyone participates in the action online. That’s why we bring you an exclusive offer for those interested in betting on Olympic Games 2020, on bettilt!

Get a bonus for Olympics Betting on Bettilt

This sports betting and online casino website is fairly new to the industry, but it’s this bonus that has made them super popular as you can’t just access it once per new account. This is basically a bonus that you can claim daily and the first step in making sure you qualify €50 bonus betting for Tokyo Olympics 2020 means creating a Bettilt account right away!

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Now that Euro 2020 may be over and French Open and Wimbledon were fun for tennis betting too. However, the sports and sports betting will continue this summer as once you have created your new Bettilt account you will have access to a wide range of Olympic Games 2020 betting markets where you can bet and multiply your winnings on a daily basis. You can even bet on the medals for the respective countries!

How do you get €50 FREE bet on Bettilt?

  1. Register a new Bettilt account.
  2. Place your daily bets on the 2020 Olympics.
  3. When losing bets you get daily cashback up to €50.
  4. After losing, send the ID of the bet to
  5. The free bet will be credited within 24 hours of the email being sent.

Remember that “No bet = no winnings”, so make sure to start your Olympics 2020 bets if you want to see some winnings in this event. Place bets now and become a winner, on Bettilt where YOU are your only competitor! Believe in yourself and take a step towards your win in your bets at the 2021 Olympics. Keep an eye out for other similar sports betting offers from around the world:

Register on bettilt and get 100% welcome bonus

Register on Bettilt and receive 100% welcome bonus

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