Greg Chappell had rejected Deepak Chahar because of his height at RCA, reveals Venkatesh Prasad

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After Deepak Chahar’s match-winning 69, former Indian pacesetter Venkatesh Prasad has taken on Greg Chappell, who infamously rejected Chahar for his height during his stint at the Rajasthan Cricket Academy. Prasad also fought for the inclusion of more Indian coaches and mentors in the lineups.

After his resignation as the head coach of the Indian team, Greg Chappell was actively involved in the Rajasthan Cricket Academy where he was appointed Director of Cricket. It was during his time at the RCA that he first encountered Deepak Chahar, whom he infamously rejected due to his height.

Following Chahar’s exploits for India, where he took two wickets and built a calm partnership with Bhuvneshwar Kumar, former Indian pacesetter Venkatesh Prasad took to Twitter to beat Greg Chappell. He insisted that Chahar was rejected by the Australian only because of his height and added that he won the match for the country, because of his secondary abilities.

“Deepak Chahar was rejected from RCA by Greg Chappell because of his height and was told to look into another profession. And he single-handedly won a competition with not even his primary skills,” Prasad tweeted.

“Moral of the story: Believe in yourself and don’t take foreign coaches too seriously,” he added in the tweet.

The former Indian pacer, who has been a vocal supporter of Indian coaches and mentors, added that it is high time that teams and franchises started to consider having Indian coaches and mentors in the lineup, rather than looking elsewhere for options. to search.

“There are exceptions, of course, but with such amazing talent in India, it’s time for teams and franchisees to consider having as many Indian coaches and mentors as possible,” Prasad noted.

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