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Breaking world records is no surprise for the city of Dubai, which is embracing huge things into unique buildings, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of Records on its website, after the Middle East city recently completed its “Deep Dive Dubai” basin. list of rich records, while envious of the deepest pool in the world for diving.

According to the Guinness World Records website report, the record swimming pool is located in Nad Al Sheba with an enormous depth of 60.02 meters and a capacity of 14 million liters of water, which is equivalent to 6 Olympic swimming pools. Deep Dive Dubai is also home to a sunken city where divers of all skill levels can explore deserted streets as well as an apartment, garage, arcade and many other surprises.
According to the Guinness report, the pool features acoustic lighting systems in addition to a unique filtration system. To keep the water fresh, it is filtered every 6 hours using volcanic rock from shale. Not to mention the use of NASA developed technology and UV rays in the filter system. While the pool water temperature is kept at 30 degrees Celsius to ensure the comfort of divers.

The aquarium’s exterior design, which takes the shape of a huge oyster, emphasized the UAE’s heritage, especially pearl diving.

Deep Dive Dubai offers free diving and diving experiences as well as courses for all levels from beginners to experienced individuals. In addition to the possibility for participants to obtain diving and freediving certificates.

Abdullah bin Habtoor of Deep Dive Dubai said the standard aquarium allows thrill seekers to dive in and discover a new dimension underwater full of adventure and wonder. There is an opportunity for an unparalleled year-round diving experience, in a safe environment and with excellent instructors and services. He added that the facility comes as an investment in Dubai’s growing sports culture, as well as another global destination for Dubai’s thriving tourist attractions and adventure tourism industry.

Bin Habtoor added: “We were inspired by the courage and determination of the UAE’s pearl diving”, which embodies the determination of Emirati explorers and innovators, past and present, and on the other hand provides a platform for future achievements and discoveries.


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