How to get coal in Minecraft Skyblock

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Minecraft’s wildly popular Skyblock challenge cards are a test of a player’s limits. These cards put gamers in an extreme survival situation where they have incredibly limited resources.

Death is always near for a new Minecraft Skyblock player. They can fall off the small confines of the floating island or run out of resources due to the irresponsible use of blocks and materials.

Even when it’s cozy, expanding your island can be tricky, especially when it comes to finding the right materials to make it happen. One of these core materials is coal, which is obviously needed to power furnaces for both food and melting ingots.

Getting Charcoal in Skyblock in Minecraft

Getting coal can be tricky in Minecraft Skyblock (Image via Mojang)
Getting coal can be tricky in Minecraft Skyblock (Image via Mojang)

Minecraft players used to mining coal from the underground will have to adjust their strategy slightly.

Fortunately for players, there is an alternative to coal that works just as well as the original. Charcoal comes from burning wood in rooms with minimal oxygen in real life, and the same method can be used in Minecraft to obtain it.

Fortunately, players don’t have to sweat the whole “oxygen” thing, as they can simply burn wooden logs to create piles of charcoal.


Players should note that only wooden logs, stripped logs or wooden bark blocks can be burned in a kiln to make charcoal. Using wooden planks or other wood-based creations will not produce the desired result.

Wooden logs are easy enough to come by as even the Skyblock starting island in Minecraft is equipped with one tree. Players will want to make sure that they can buy saplings once they have expanded their islands so that they can grow additional trees. It can get tight when it comes to space, so make sure the island has grown significantly before planting trees.

The good news is that burning any kind of wooden block in Minecraft will produce charcoal, so players don’t have to worry about whether the tree is oak or acacia.

Growing trees is a fairly simple procedure. As long as they have several blocks around them to grow and are in direct sunlight, no watering is necessary. In addition, suitable players can choose to use bone meal on the planted saplings to speed up their growth.

Once players have hacked the wood from their trees, all they need to do is place the wood blocks in the top window of their furnace interface. The necessary fuel must be placed at the bottom, otherwise the furnace will not start to burn.

If Minecraft players don’t have coal or charcoal, they can use wooden planks to light the oven instead. Once the kiln has finished burning the wood, it will produce charcoal in the right-most window of the interface. This provides players with a renewable fuel source as long as they continue to plant and harvest trees.

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