Ian Stewart Miloshib refused to release him on bail after he threatened to harm Treasurer Josh Frydenberg

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A Western Australian man accused of traveling to Canberra to “whip” Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is behind bars after the ACT Magistrates Court today denied him bail.

The court heard that Ian Stewart Miloschib went to the Treasury Building as well as Parliament House, to tell security personnel about his plan.

He was charged with trespass and two counts of threatening to harm Mr. Frydenberg.

Today when Chief Justice Lauren Walker read him the charges, Mr. Miloschib pleaded guilty, then applied for bail.

Representing himself, he told the court that he should be released.

He also indicated that he did not carry out the threats.

The court heard that the accused did not leave the city until he threatened him

But Attorney General Cecilia Pascoe told the court that there were serious concerns about Miloship, after a psychiatric evaluation.

“He said he won’t leave Canberra until the job is done, the job is to assault the cashier,” Pascoe said.

Miloship denied he was a threat.

“Words I [said]But there is no work.”

The court heard that Miloship went to Parliament House and the Treasury Building, to tell the security staff about his plan. (

ABC News: Matt Roberts


Chief Justice Walker refused to release him on bail, and also refused to accept his guilty pleas.

She invited him to seek legal advice, stating that the stakes are high.

“You are looking into the possibility of going to prison,” she said.

She also told the court she had concerns about Miloship’s fitness to plead.

In response, Mr Mellowship said there was no need for an assessment of his fitness to file a petition.

“I understand… I am not retarded,” he said.

The case will be returned to court next month.


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