‘Jewish Holocaust’ overthrows Olympic Games opening ceremony director

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The commission said Kentaro Kobayashi was involved in a farcical scene about the Jewish Holocaust more than two decades ago, according to “AFP”.

“During an earlier performance, it was discovered that Kobayashi used language that mocked a tragic fact in history,” Seiko Hashimoto, chairman of the Olympic Organizing Committee, said at a news conference.

“The organizing committee has decided to remove Kobayashi from his post,” she added.

Released as a videotape in 1998, the scene shows Kobayashi and a comedic partner posing as famous children’s television entertainers.

While brainstorming a paper-using activity, Kobayashi points to some scraps of paper dolls and says, “That’s from when I said we’re going to play Holocaust,” to the laughter of the audience.

The two men then joke about how outraged a TV producer is at the suggestion of a Holocaust-related activity.

The scene appeared on the internet on the eve of the official opening of the games, which shocked some.

“Inevitably they will face a fireball of criticism,” wrote one viewer on social media, though others questioned reactions to a work from more than two decades ago.

In a statement, Kobayashi apologized for the video, saying, “In a 1998 video featuring young comedians. A skit I wrote had completely inappropriate lines.”

“It came from a time when I couldn’t laugh the way I wanted, and I think I was trying to get people’s attention in a superficial way,” he added.

Kobayashi, a well-known stage personality in Japan, has been scandalously barred from the opening ceremony for the latter.

Japanese composer Keigo Aoyamada, who co-designed the opening ceremony, resigned on Monday over an old story about bullying his schoolmates with special needs.

And the creative director of the opening and closing ceremonies, Hiroshi Sasaki, chose to resign in March after comparing an overweight comedian to a pig.


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