Naomi Osaka rises above racism in America

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Naomi Osaka rises above racism in America | Sports Tasks & News |

Even though Naomi Osaka is one of the best tennis players in the world, she still faces racism. Osaka, who chose to represent her native Japan at this year’s Summer Olympics, has faced an avalanche of hatred from American tennis fans. Fortunately, Naomi Osaka is strong enough to rise above racism in America, teaching a few of those who want to tear her down a lesson about what the world will be like in 2021.

The Tokyo Summer Olympics will mark Naomi Osaka’s return to the world tennis scene, just two months after her withdrawal from the French Open and later Wimbledon. After taking the better part of two months off and releasing the docuseries “Playing By Her Own Rules” on Netflix, the 23-year-old was forced to deal with the racism she faced by choosing to work for Japan. and not for the United States at the upcoming Olympics.

Naomi Osaka was born in 1997 in Chūō-ku, Japan to a Japanese mother and Haitian father and despite immigrating to the United States at the age of three, she has always represented her hometown in international competitions for the past ten years. Osaka even went so far as to give up her US citizenship in 2019 and become a Japanese citizen; something that provoked a reaction back then, and the same story saw renewed this year as more people realized she would be competing for Japan this summer.

During her docuseries, Osaka said:

“So I don’t choose America, and suddenly people think, ‘Your black card has been revoked… And it’s like African American isn’t the only black person, you know? I don’t know, I feel like people don’t know the difference between nationality and race because there are a lot of black people in Brazil, but they are Brazilian.”

The more I read about Naomi Osaka, the more I think of Kobe Bryant, two athletes who grew up outside of the American mainstream, learned with an open mind about the world at large, and never understood why society had to label who they were like humans.

Osaka, for whatever reason, has not been part of the movement to involve and support all people in the social changes that so many claim to want, but quite the opposite. Osaka has been barred from trial by those who run major tennis tournaments because she knows that talking to the media on their terms, not hers, is not good for her mental health. She’s also been shut out of the cultural changes that women in society have fought for, but those in the corporate world who’s handing out endorsement deals have embraced her in the same way that Colin Kaepernick did, because they’re both the leaders of the change they’re fighting for, too. although society is not ready for it yet.

Those who hate Naomi Osaka and “revoked her Black Card” are the same people who choose to use the Black Lives Matter movement for personal gain, not community gain. Those are the people she talks to before she gets them out of her head, but she also uses them as fuel to revolt and overcome their racism every time she comes to court.

It is heartbreaking that more people cannot embrace Naomi Osaka as a role model for people of all nationalities and walks of life, as she embodies what is good about sports. Sadly, she appears to be ahead of her time in 2021, as proof of what she’ll be dealing with as the Summer Games approach. Maybe before the next games are played, the world will be smarter and better able to handle someone with the class Naomi Osaka carries.

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Naomi Osaka rises above racism in America |

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