Nearly half the House Republicans do not say publicly if they will be vaccinated

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Republics not sharing vaccination status. Some Republicans told CNN that it was not their responsibility to model their constituencies.

In the past few months, CNN has sent several inquiries to members of Congress and reviewed public statements but has been unable to determine the vaccination status of nearly half the Republican Conference.

Some of them still offered some explanations during a hallway interview with CNN this week.

Republican Republic. Matt Gaetz of Florida told CNN, “It’s very fragile of you,” when CNN began asking about his vaccination status, but cut it off before Congress questioned whether he had been vaccinated.

“I think we should talk more about freeing up Britney,” he said.

Andrew Clyde, a Republican from Georgia, told CNN he doesn’t believe reporters are being asked about the status of his vaccine.

At the Republican Senate conference, 46 of the 50 senators confirmed to CNN that they had the vaccine. Only two people have not vaccinated them but they refuse: Sense. Mike Brown of Indiana and Kevin Kramer of North Dakota.

“I don’t think it’s my job to get people to do that,” Kramer said.

More and more Republicans Starting to support Other Americans have the idea to be vaccinated, but that doesn’t mean every Republican wants to know the status of their own individual vaccine.
Certainly, the needle is moving so slightly. The last was reported on CNN Vaccination status of members in the month of May CNN reported that 17 more House Republicans had been vaccinated.

CNN confirmed that 114 of the 211 Republicans in the House have been vaccinated, or 54% of the convention.

And the lasting silence between them is even clearer this week, as the Delta variant has sparked outrage across the country and reached as far as Capitol Hill.

Push if he’s worried About the spread or mutation of the virus People have been waiting for the vaccine for a long time, Kramer said, “No, not me. You know me, I wasn’t worried about it from the beginning.” He further said, “I am a policy maker, I am not a teacher.”

“There’s a fix on a few things, and one of them is vaccination,” Kramer said. “To date, no credit has been given to any treatment or cure … and people know intuitively that it is not right.”

And then there are the select few who go so far as not to announce their vaccine status, saying they have no plans to get vaccinated. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rand Paul of Kentucky confirmed to CNN that they would not be vaccinated. And in the House, Thomas Massey of Kentucky is the only member because the vaccine became widely available to CNN to confirm that he was not vaccinated.

Co-Chairman of the GOP Doctor Caucus. Andy Harris of Maryland told CNN members that not sharing their vaccine status does not affect the positive message surrounding the vaccine.

“I’d say no,” said Harris. “Look, we believe in health privacy.”

Michigan’s Freshman Republican Peter Maeger, who is open about vaccinations and encourages his constituents to do so, told CNN that it is up to his colleagues to decide whether to get the vaccine or not, “I think from individual leaders who supported him. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

While silence remains about the vaccine status, misinformation is reduced

Considering the amount of misinformation that some Republicans are spreading, the silence of some Republicans does even more damage.

Freshman Republican Marjorie Taylor Green Was temporarily suspended After sharing wrong information about Kovid-1 and vaccines on Twitter on Monday. Green, along with Republican Lauren Boebert, has called for a Nazi-era image to mock President Joe Biden’s recent Covid-1 vaccination efforts.
One of two unvaccinated GOP senators. Sen. Ron Johnson has repeatedly spread misinformation about the vaccine, including in June and at a news conference Right-thinking radio program in May.

“We don’t know why people are telling people not to wear seatbelts, especially when people on the coast are harassing us on the highways,” Meezer told CNN about his colleagues spreading misinformation about the coyote vaccine. That is, our voters are believing in it. ”

“Therefore, to be honest and sincere is a moral and humanitarian imperative,” Meizer said.

“At the end of the day, each leader will be responsible for his or her own actions.”

‘It’s not too late’: Some Republicans push for vaccinations at the last minute

Republican lawmakers have been silent on the status of their vaccines, but many legislators have begun to speak out more strongly in favor of the Covid-1 vaccine in the face of widespread misinformation and hesitation in their own favor.

As the incidence of Florida increases, Desantis persists on Covid

In a new sign that Republicans are stepping up messaging strategies on the need, safety and efficacy of Covid-1ines vaccines, minority whip Steve Scalis announced he took his first shot this week and went to Fox News to encourage others to get vaccinated before it’s too late.

Scalis said he has now received the Covid-1 vaccine due to the growing number In delta type And he waited a long time because he had antibodies to a previous infection. Antibodies to previous infections are less likely to re-infect, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people who have been infected before should also be vaccinated.

“I had antibodies but with this new delta type you finally see, I’ve seen a lot of hospitals in the last few weeks and you see cases increasing,” Scalis pointed out on Wednesday. Most of the people admitted to Kovid-1 hospital are not vaccinated.

Although Scalis waited so long for the vaccine, he said, “I’ve always found it safe and effective.” CNN reported that Scalis had his first vaccination on Sunday.

Minority leader Mitch McConnell, polio survivor, Advocated for vaccines for a long time And he has talked about vaccines during several visits to his home state of Kentucky, but on Tuesday he still issued a strong call for them to be vaccinated.

“These shots need to get into everyone’s hands as soon as possible, or we’re going to get back into a situation where we’re not struggling, which we faced last year,” McConnell said. “I want to encourage everyone to do so and ignore all these voices of practical bad advice.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, left and then Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell were vaccinated for their first dose in December.

Republican Republic. James Comer of Kentucky later appealed to the audience on CNN. “It’s not too late.”

As part of a growing chorus of Republicans urging their supporters about the need for the Covid-1 vaccine, GOP Dr. Caucus held a news conference Thursday with Scalis and Republican Conference President Alice Stefanik to discuss the consequences of the Delta variant. There was more focus on the desire to grow covid origin than on promoting vaccine efficacy.

The rise in vaccine enthusiasm among GOP House members comes as Republicans face the onslaught of vaccinating their own constituents.

According to the latest CDC figures, every state that voted for Donald Trump in 2020 has fully vaccinated less than half of its residents. In those states, an average of 2% of people are fully vaccinated, compared to the average% of the states that voted for President Joe Biden.

Texas GOP rip. Michael Burgess said Thursday that all Republicans have a responsibility to encourage vaccinations.

Biden says he believes children under the age of 12 will soon be able to get the Covid-1 vaccine & # 39;  But it depends on the scientists

“We all do,” Burgess said. “From my world perspective, most likely Trump is the heart of the country. Where is the best place to open a vaccine hub? A NASACR racetrack. And we did. And these months went by, and vaccination rates were incredible.” Is. “

For some Democrats, the Republican evolution in the message, which is also harsh in the conservative media, is too late.

Democrat Sen. from Connecticut. Chris Murphy said he believes many of his Republican colleagues in the Senate have handled the vaccine issue responsibly, but he has argued that GOP members in the House have caused misinformation to spread.

“There’s no doubt that a big party in the National Republican Party is sending an anti-vaccine message to their bottom,” Murphy said. “They’re not Senate Republicans, but House Republicans ignore crime when they think about how the vaccination campaign went.”

Some Republicans who have push aids for covid vaccines all around

While a significant portion of the Republican Council has been slow to arrive on the bandwagon, some Republicans have fought to give their constituents an ongoing fight.

“It’s frustrating that so many people have remained unaffected. I’m a big fan of vaccination. I’ve had personal experience of it in my own life, and it’s clear from all the evidence that you’re a lot more likely to get the disease Survival is possible, ”McConnell told CNN last week.

Republican Sen. Steve Dennis of Montana told CNN that he wants his Democratic colleague Sen. to encourage people to take shots at the Declaration of Democracy. In collaboration with John Tester, he is making vaccines back home.

“It’s important that we try to get the message out in the best way possible. Some people trust Steve, some people trust me,” Tester said.

Iowa Freshman House Republican Mariante Miller-Mix, who went to the floor of the House Wednesday to make sure the covid vaccine is safe and effective, is the doctor who has vaccinated components in his district.

Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican in North Carolina and a ranking GOP member of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, said we make their vaccine status when talking to constituents.

“What I’m telling them is, if you don’t want to go to the hospital and you don’t want to die, get a vaccine,” Burr said. “We’ve always had an anti-vaccine group in America. It’s for a different reason, but they shouldn’t take it lightly. It’s a very serious virus. People shouldn’t risk their lives or the lives of their children.”


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