News Tokyo Olympics: Al-Khalif refuses to “apologise” Saudi team’s loss to Côte d’Ivoire

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Ayman Al-Khalif – Saudi Olympic Team

Saudi Arabia 360 – Ayman Al-Khalif, a player of the Saudi Olympic team, refused to apologize and justify the loss to Côte d’Ivoire at the start of Al-Akhdar’s campaign at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Al-Khalif: Playing in the Olympics is different… and “pressure” is no excuse for defeat

Speaking at the press conference after the game, Al-Khalif said: “Playing in the Olympics is a different feeling, and each player strives to represent and honor their country’s team in the best possible way.”

He added: “The absence of the public affected not only football but also all areas of life.”

Al-Khalif concluded by saying: “The pressure of the season and the games is no excuse to lose, and I believe the footballer will not find peace until he retires.”

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The Olympic Green, led by Saad Al-Shehri, met its Ivory Coast counterpart at Japan’s Nissan Stadium, in the first round of the Tokyo Olympics group stage, and the meeting ended with Al-Akhdar’s defeat by 2-1 .

Ivory Coast advanced on friendly fire with a goal from Abdelilah Al-Omari in the 39th minute, and the Saudi team tied the score with Salem Al-Dosari in the 44th minute, before the African rival returned to counter Frank Casey’s winning goal. score in the 66th minute.

With this result; Ivory Coast’s balance sheet tops the fourth group standings with 3 points, while the “green” came out of the game scoreless.

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