NFL Just Dropped The Ultimate Glove To Teams With Poor Vaccination Rates

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The NFL just dropped a decent update as they made it clear that if a game can’t be moved this season, the team with a COVID outbreak will lose that game.

Leave it to Roger Goodell and the NFL to drop a big bombshell with training camps around the corner across the country on Thursday. Since there is still a lot of discussion about players getting the COVID-19 vaccine, the NFL just sent out quite a statement for guys on the brink.

That’s because the league has announced that if any of the games in the new 18-week schedule cannot be rescheduled due to a COVID outbreak, the team that had that outbreak will have to retire and take a loss. That will of course have monstrous implications after the season.

Teams with a COVID outbreak this coming season could lose matches

Goodell and Co. take things really seriously here. How do we think Cole Beasley and the Buffalo Bills feel about this? Beasley has previously said he will not be vaccinated, while star quarterback Josh Allen said he will keep things private.

However, they are not alone as several players have said that they will not get the photos/disclose their status due to personal reasons. Imagine you’re an NFL team fighting for your playoff life, but then you lose a game because of an outbreak? Goodness.

Obviously, this is something to keep an eye on all year round. Could the NFL’s decision end up pushing guys over the top to get the vaccine? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that the league is not watching and letting unvaccinated players/teams negatively impact the season. There will be consequences for the future.

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