Phillipsster defended himself after his wife criticized him as a “remnant of Jim Crowe’s time.”

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President Biden The statement said Wednesday that progressive pressure to remove the Phillipsster “would throw the whole thing away.” Congress In chaos, “a few months later, he agreed with the former president Barack Obama This rule is a “remnant of Jim Crowe’s time.”

Between town halls In Cincinnati, Biden was asked by CNN’s Don Limbu if protecting the filebuster was more important than protecting and expanding the right to vote.

“No, it’s not,” the president said in response, saying he believed Congress could pass the John Lewis Right to Vote Act and the People’s Law without pushing Phillips, which would require a 0-vote threshold to end the debate and move the law forward. .

“But that’s the deal,” he continued. “I want to do it, I want to make sure we’re not just Democrats, we’re bringing it together. The Republicans I know bring along, I know this very well.

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“I’m trying to bring the country together,” he said. “And I don’t think we should just discuss whether we have a filibuster or an exception, or whether the filibuster should go back to the way it was used before.”

Biden’s comments came just four months later He said he agrees with Obama, His former boss, that Filibuster was a “remnant of Jim Crowe’s time” and in dire need of reform. The president reiterated the claim when Limbu pressured him during Wednesday’s event, but argued that Republicans would work instead of raising their legislative issue instead of focusing on Phillips.

“If this is a remnant of Jim Crowe, it has historically been used to fight against civil rights law, so why protect it?” Lemon asked.

Biden replied, “You have no reason to defend the whole Congress except to throw it into chaos and nothing will be done. Nothing will be done. And a lot is at stake. The most important thing is to vote right.”

“But it’s going beyond that,” he continued. “For example, my friends on the other side don’t like arguing about filibuster instead of passing the Recovery Act?”

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Demands for the repeal of Philibuster have increased since June when Senate Republicans passed a law for the people after Democrats failed to get 60 votes. BEDIN said the GOP-led election integrity bill in the state needs to be legislated. He compared it to “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.”

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